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BOW 2013 Summer Workshop

2013 BOW Summer Workshop Header

August 9-11, 2013 Annual BOW Summer Workshop
Lake Metigoshe State Park

  • The 2013 BOW Summer Workshop is full and no longer accepting registrations.

Workshop Courses

Course offerings subject to change.


BEGINNING ARCHERY – This class is for students who have never shot a bow or have little experience with archery. Participants will learn beginning archery form and will shoot at close distances, but before it’s over you will also have an opportunity to shoot at 3-D animal targets in realistic hunting situations. Participants with their own equipment, or who consider themselves intermediate archers, should enroll in the intermediate course.  


BUTTERFLIES AND DRAGONFLIES – Hairstreak or checkerspot…which one was it that was stuck to your car grill? Learn about the beautiful butterflies and dragonflies of North Dakota in the classroom. Then put on your running shoes and let’s go catch ’em!

INTERMEDIATE ARCHERY – This class is for more experienced archers who are looking for more time at the range or more work on advanced shooting techniques. If you are a regular shooter and have your own equipment, this class is for you. Basic equipment is also available for this class.

BASIC SHOTGUNNING – Students will learn how to judge distances, pattern shotguns, learn basic shooting techniques, and shoot at clay targets. Intro to Firearms class, hunter education, or significant firearm experience is required as a prerequisite. Shotguns will be provided or bring your own.


BIRDS AND THEIR NESTS – Learn the basics about birds and the habitat they need to nest successfully. Participants will learn where birds nest, building and structure of nests and the variety of eggs birds produce. Be prepared to take a walk and put your new knowledge to work. Put your hands to work building a home for birds in your back yard. 


BOG SLOGGING – Students will have the opportunity to learn about plants and small animals that inhabit wetlands, explore wetland habitats firsthand and find out why wetlands are important. Be prepared to get wet and slog in the bog. 

INTRO TO FLY-FISHING – Participants will learn the basics of fly-fishing, differences in rod weight and length, types of fly line and how to cast. Practice casting and getting the feel of the rod.

PREDATOR CALLING – Experience the thrill of calling predators (coyote, fox, bobcat) by learning how to imitate both predator and prey sounds with hand-held calls. Students will learn the tools of the trade, calling strategies and predator behavior, whether the pursuit is with a camera, gun, or just for fun.  

Float Tube Fly-fishing

FLOAT TUBE FLY-FISHING – Participants will put on waders and try out a float tube and put their fly fishing skills to work. Must have completed Intro To Fly-Fishing or have taken the class previously. NOTE: In case of unsafe weather conditions (lightning, strong winds) that prevent going on the water, the session will include lessons on fly tying, knot tying, putting the fly-fishing system together, advanced casting techniques, reading the water and fishing technique discussions.


OPEN FLY-FISHING – This is an on-the-water class for those who have had the Intro to Fly-Fishing  course. This is strictly getting out on the lake and fly-fishing with no preliminary casting instruction.

FUN WITH GPS – Interested in the amazing technology of GPS? Have a GPS and don’t know how to run it? Want to learn more about Geocaching – a real-world outdoor treasure hunt? Interested in purchasing a GPS but don’t know where to start? This course is for you. The course starts with the basics and provides hands-on learning through fun games and challenges. We will provide the GPS units and you arrive with the willingness to try something new and have a great time doing it! 

GPS TREASURE HUNT – Some GPS knowledge is a prerequisite for this intermediate level course, however, a short how-to session will be conducted. Working with a small team, participants will answer questions, unscramble clues and use innovative thinking to reach several sites which will bring them to a final destination – the treasure chest. In the quest to find, uncover or stumble upon the cleverly hidden treasure, each team will use a GPS device (one provided), map and a set of clues with GPS coordinates. 

HOOK, LINE, SINKER – This course will cover equipment, skills and regulations pertaining to lake fishing in this region. Participants will learn fish identification and habitat, lures and knot tying, casting and trolling techniques, and how to handle live baits and hooked fish. Class time includes fishing.

KAYAKING – Learn the basics of entering and exiting a kayak, strokes and safety practices. Dress appropriately; staying dry is not an option!    

INTRO TO RIFLES – Learn the basics of rifles and shooting. Learn to sight in a scope, the different types of scopes, bullets, stances, calibers and what they mean. And best of all, spend lots of time shooting different types of rifles. Also learn range etiquette and safety. Intro to Firearms, hunter education, or significant firearm experience is a prerequisite. Rifles will be provided, or bring your own. 

FUN WITH MAP AND COMPASS – Wish you had a better grasp of compass and map when you’re biking, hiking, fishing, or hunting? You’re not alone. Learn how to use a compass, read a topo map and not get lost in the woods. The hands-on course makes navigation easy to learn, and everyone has fun in the process.


PINE NEEDLE BEGINNERS – Learn the basics of pine needle weaving. Pine needle weaving uses coiled dried pine needles and various materials for sewing the coils together. Students will work on their own small project made of long-leaf pine needles, sewn with waxed linen thread.


PLANT ID – Students will become familiar with a variety of North Dakota plants, including trees and wildflowers. Participants will identify trees, mushrooms, fungi, fruits and shrubs. These skills will help make your outdoor experiences even more enjoyable and complete.

STICK TO STAFF – Create your own useful and attractive hiking staff. Also, learn how to use a hiking stick efficiently, and learn uses for a hiking stick other than just hiking. Participants will choose their own sticks and learn about different types of wood that make useful staffs. Participants will get hands-on experience as they customize their very own staff. A real make-and-take!

MUZZLELOADING – Learn the basics of muzzleloader safety, practice loading and shooting this historic firearm. Intro to Firearms or a hunter certificate is a prerequisite for this course.

WOOD CARVING – Turn a piece of wood into “a work of art.” The class will feature carving a shorebird decoy or a decorative songbird. Carving knives and materials provided.


STRUT YOUR STUFF – Students will learn the basics of turkey hunting and/or calling in that elusive gobbler. Discussion will include wild turkey habits and habitats, use of camouflage, blinds, calls, decoys, set-ups, firearms, loads and other related equipment.


TRAPPING – Think you may be interested in trapping?  Don’t know much about it? Expert trappers will teach you about the different trap types and trap setting techniques.  Learn how to trap target animals by understanding their habits and reading their signs. Bring rubber boots or hip waders.

INTRO TO PADDLEBOARDING – Learn SUP (Stand Up Paddling). It is the newest craze on the water. If you like to kayak, canoe, surf or sail, you will be hooked on SUP. You will need to know how to swim and have no fear of water. Be ready to get wet and have some fun!

FURRY CRITTERS – Learn about North Dakota’s furbearers and how to read their tracks and signs.  Discover how to document and observe some of the more elusive wildlife species as they go about their lives. Participants will learn how to make track casts. Be prepared to hike and look for wildlife.

CANOEING – Learn the basics pertaining to canoes, life jackets, paddles and canoeing safety. Afterward, put the paddle to work for a chance to practice a variety of paddling strokes while exploring School Section Lake, a lake within the park that does not allow motorized boats. All equipment is provided.

ALL-DAY CANOE PADDLE – After reviewing equipment basics, paddling strokes and safety, we’ll head out on School Section Lake and portage over to Eramosh Lake for a day-long paddling adventure. Those interested should have already taken basic canoeing as we’ll be going more in depth with information and spend more time using those paddling skills. Be prepared to spend a majority of the day on the water. All canoeing equipment is provided, as is a packed lunch; please bring your own drinking water and sunscreen. 

BACKPACKING CAMP-OUT – Learn the basics of backpacking and camping out overnight in the wilderness. Participants will learn the basics of backpacking, and then head out for a hike and camp under the stars. You will cook over a campfire and hike back the next day. This overnight adventure will be very hands-on, so pack light as everyone is responsible for packing their own stuff in and out.

BUILD A FISHING ROD – Learn the fundamentals of construction and care of a fishing rod. Each participant will build their own rod to take home. In addition, they will learn how to match the rod, reel and line to optimize their fishing enjoyment. This class requires three sessions and has an additional supply fee.


DUTCH OVEN COOKING – Learn to cook outdoors with a Dutch oven using three different fuel sources. From seasoning to storing, learn how to prepare delicious recipes in this old fashioned cooking vessel. Everyone will get a chance at preparing and sampling food cooked in a Dutch oven.

DUTCH OVEN COOKING—ADVANCED – Step up your dutch oven cooking technique, learn how to do a complete meal with stacked ovens along with other novelty cooking methods, such as pie irons, etc. Pre-requisite Basic Dutch Oven Cooking class required.


*INTRO TO FIREARMS – The course will cover the basic types of firearms, basic firearm safety, and an introduction to selecting and purchasing firearms. The course will not include any actual shooting, but is a prerequisite for anyone who has not had hunter safety or significant shooting experience and wishes to register for the shooting courses. This course will be offered Friday evening.

General Information

SCHOLARSHIPS – A limited number of partial scholarships, sponsored in part by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, are available to attend North Dakota’s Becoming an Outdoors Woman programs. Download, fill out, and return the application form along with your registration and payment of $75. Preference will be given to students, low-income households, and North Dakota residents.

CANCELLATION DEADLINE: A $50 processing fee will be assessed to all cancelled registrations. Registrants who do not attend and who do not cancel by July 20 will be assessed the FULL program fee. You may send a substitute.

LODGING: Lodging for the Lake Metigoshe workshop will be in dorms. Bath facilities are located nearby. Participants must provide their own bedding and towels. Buildings are smoke free and alcohol is prohibited at the facilities. All camp facilities are handicap accessible. Campsites are available for those interested.

UPON RECEIPT of your registration and payment, you will be sent a confirmation email. All course equipment will be provided by the instructors unless otherwise noted in the course description. Additional workshop information will be sent as we approach the date.

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