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North Dakota Wildlife Coloring Book

Wildlife of ND Coloring Book
Wildlife of ND Coloring Book

Learn about North Dakota Wildlife and practice your artistic skills with this great Wildlife of North Dakota coloring book!


Download a copy and print all of it or just the pages you want, or order a copy free online .

Hiking Bingo!

Hiking Bingo

Play Hiking Bingo on your next hike. See if you can find frogs, milkweed, muskrats and more!

Survival Challenge

Can you help the white-tailed deer find the habitat it needs to survive?

Deer Puzzle


Earth Day Patch

Do you like to draw? Try creating a design for the Earth Day Patch contest! Find out how to enter here.

Learn more about Earth Day here.

Earth Day Patch Contest

Keep North Dakota Clean Poster Contest

As a partner of Keep North Dakota Clean, Inc. the North Dakota Game and Fish Department sponsors the 4th grade level of the annual KNDC poster contest. The theme for this level is "Habitat-Homes for Wildlife." Each year the winning poster is displayed on a billboard along a North Dakota highway.

Learn more about the contest (grades 1 - 12) and see this year's 4th grade winners here.

Earth Day Patch Contest

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