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Spring Light Goose Migration Update

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Update Date: April 12, 2016

Scattered flocks will continue to move through the state over the next couple weeks. Unless conditions dictate otherwise, this will be the final report of the year. Temperatures for the remainder of the week are expected to reach the 70s

Some Notes on the Spring Migration Route

Snow goose migration in spring tends to occur farther east than in the fall. Birds generally arrive in the southeastern corner of the state and spread north and northwest through the Valley City, Jamestown, Devils Lake, Rugby and Kenmare areas. However, scattered flocks may be found anywhere in the state during spring.

Birds normally move through the state quickly, their arrival and stay depends on weather and availability of open water and food.

Spring snow melt progression.

Light Goose Hotline Provides Migration Updates

Migration updates available at 701-328-3697, until season ends or geese have left the state.