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2013 North Dakota Fishing Waters Report

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North Dakota Game and Fish Department

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has for years provided driving directions and infrastructure information on actively managed lakes, while also noting the primary fish species present in each fishery.
In addition, North Dakota OUTDOORS has periodically highlighted a number of these lakes in a fishing outlook.
This year, we’re combining those efforts into an enhanced fishing waters review, by including fish population comments for most of the respective fisheries, in addition to other lake information.
The fishery outlooks, provided by Department district fisheries supervisors, are not necessarily comprehensive fishing reports, but glimpses into the fisheries to help frame angler expectations. To learn where the fish are biting, check with fishing friends or at your local bait and tackle shop.
With 400-plus managed fishing waters in North Dakota today, compared to about 170 two decades ago, there are many unknowns. For instance, with a record number of waters on the landscape, fisheries biologists have yet to conduct thorough population assessments on many lakes.
While the information on North Dakota waters in this publication is static, any changes and updates will appear on the Game and Fish Department’s website at
What follows are public fishing waters in North Dakota listed by county in the six districts managed by Department biologists. The number in parenthesis that follows each fishery is simply a code used by biologists to help identify those waters. The codes are also found on the maps to help readers locate the waters in which they are interested.
Most state public fishing waters have boat ramps. Lakes or rivers where no ramp exists are listed as “no ramp.” Check signs at each area for further restrictions.


Breakdown by District: