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2013 Fish Stocking Report

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All numbers more than 1,000 are rounded to the nearest 1,000. Stocked fish are fingerlings unless otherwise noted.

Lake Number Stocked
Lake Ashtabula, Barnes County 341000
Harmon Lake, Morton County 50000
Sprague Lake, Sargent County 30000
Lake Tewaukon, Sargent County 114000
Rice Lake, Ward County (adult) 262
Goose Lake, Wells County 30000
Harvey Dam, Wells County 30000
Hurdsfield-Tuffy Lake, Wells County 30000
Pheasant Lake, Dickey County (adult) 100
Tanberg Dam, Divide County (adult) 690
Camels Hump Lake, Golden Valley County (adult) 450
Williams Creek Dam, Golden Valley County (adult) 450
Larson Lake, Hettinger County (adult) 70
Lake Holmes, McLean County (adult) 1000
Hazen Creek, Mercer County (adult) 312
McClusky Canal (adult) 2000
Glenburn Pond, Renville County (adult) 322
South (Hoffer) McClusky, Sheridan County (adult) 2000
Cedar Lake, Slope County (adult) 70
Rice Lake, Ward County (adult) 460
South Carlson Lake, Ward County (adult) 385
State Fair Pond, Ward County (adult) 2000
Tioga Dam, Williams County (adult) 975
Mirror Lake, Adams County (adult) 103
OWLS Pond, Burleigh County (adult) 135
Watford City Park Pond, McKenzie County (adult) 100
Gaebe Pond, Morton County (adult) 94
Cedar Lake, Slope County (adult) 100
Belfield Pond, Stark County (adult) 100
Dickinson Dike, Stark County (adult) 150
Lueck Lake, Richland County (adult) 57
Northgate Dam, Burke County (adult) 252
Fish Creek Dam, Morton County 700
Missouri River 17000
Kettle Lake, Williams County (adult) 125
Lake Sakakawea (smolt) 193000
Clearwater Lake, Mountrail County (adult) 105000
Mooreton Pond, Richland County (adult) 22300
Missouri River (adult) 245
Lake Oahe (adult) 150
OWLS Pond, Burleigh County (adult) 243
Baukol-Noonan Dam, Divide County 1000
Baukol-Noonan East Mine Pond, Divide County 500
Sather Dam, McKenzie County (adult) 160
Sather Dam, McKenzie County 2000
Sweet Briar Lake, Morton County (adult) 264
Belfield Pond, Stark County (adult) 173
Red Willow Lake, Griggs County 300
East Park Lake, McLean County 2000
Braun Lake, Logan County 250
Lake Audubon, McLean County 9457
Mirror Lake, Adams County (adult) 117
Mirror Lake, Adams County 7000
Lake Ashtabula, Barnes County 130000
Carbury Dam, Bottineau County 14000
Gascoyne Lake, Bowman County 23000
Powers Lake, Burke County 52000
Cottonwood Park Pond, Burleigh County (adult) 230
Juanita Lake, Foster County 51000
Helen Lake, Kidder County 62000
Lake Isabel, Kidder County 20000
North Jasper, Kidder County 21000
Lake No. 5, Kidder County 5000
Leno Lake, Kidder County 30000
Long Alkaline Lake, Kidder County 39000
North Des Moines Lake, Kidder County 18000
Beaver Lake, Logan County 49000
West Lake Napoleon, Logan County 42000
Wetzel Lake, Logan County 20800
Lake Hoskins, McIntosh County 22000
Camp Lake, McLean County 15000
Lake Gertie, McLean County 23000
Clearwater Lake, Mountrail County 11000
Stanley Reservoir, Mountrail County 27000
McVille Dam, Nelson County 6000
Silver Creek Dam, Nelson County 2000
Island Lake, Rolette County 68000
School Section Lake, Rolette County 31000
Coal Mine Lake, Sheridan County 53000
Wolf Lake, Sheridan County 23000
Cedar Lake, Slope County (adult) 120
Cedar Lake, Slope County 41000
Finley Dam (Lynch Lake), Steele County 1000
South Golden Lake, Steele County 27000
Sykeston Dam, Wells County 11000
East Spring Lake Pond, Williams County (adult) 212
Tioga Dam, Williams County 7000
North Lemmon, Adams County 3000
Blumers Pond, Barnes County 350
Hatchery Kids Pond, Barnes County 350
Moon Lake, Barnes County 4000
Strawberry Lake, Bottineau County 700
Lutz Dam, Bowman County 350
Northgate Dam, Burke County 4000
Cottonwood Park Pond, Burleigh County 700
McDowell Dam, Burleigh County 700
OWLS Pond, Burleigh County 815
North Woodhaven Pond, Cass County (adult) 133
North Woodhaven Pond, Cass County 700
Langdon City Pond, Cavalier County 350
Baukol-Noonan Dam, Divide County 3000
Beach City Pond, Golden Valley County 350
Camels Hump Lake, Golden Valley County (adult) 190
Camels Hump Lake, Golden Valley County 3000
Ryan Park Pond, Grand Forks County 700
Raleigh Reservoir, Grant County 3000
Sheep Creek Dam, Grant County 4000
Castle Rock Dam, Hettinger County 700
Mott Watershed Dam, Hettinger County 700
Blumhardt Dam, McIntosh County 1000
Watford City Park Pond, McKenzie County 350
Custer Mine, McLean County 718
Lightning Lake, McLean County 1000
Riverdale City Pond, McLean County 700
Harmony Lake, Mercer County 1000
Hazen Creek, Mercer County 200
Crown Butte Dam, Morton County 1000
Fish Creek Dam, Morton County 4000
Gaebe Pond, Morton County 350
Harmon Lake, Morton County 5000
Krieg’s Pond, Morton County 700
Little Heart Pond, Morton County 200
Nygren Dam, Morton County 700
Porsborg Dam, Morton County 700
Stanley Pond, Mountrail County 700
Missouri River 24000
Turtle River 2000
Oliver County Sportsmen’s Pond, Oliver County 200
Glenburn Pond, Renville County 350
Mooreton Pond, Richland County (adult) 286
Mooreton Pond, Richland County 2000
Hooker Lake, Rolette County 1000
Lake Udall, Rolette County 350
Davis Dam, Slope County 1000
Belfield Pond, Stark County 700
Dickinson Dike, Stark County (adult) 190
Dickinson Dike, Stark County 2000
Little Britches Pond, Stutsman County 200
State Fair Pond, Ward County 350
Velva Sportsmen’s Pond, Ward County 700
Kettle Lake, Williams County 700
Kota-Ray Dam, Williams County 2000
McGregor Dam, Williams County 3000
West Spring Lake Pond, Williams County 350
Lake Darling, Renville County (adult) 149
Lake Ashtabula, Barnes County 329000
Moon Lake, Barnes County 5000
Wood Lake, Benson County 15000
Long Lake, Bottineau County 25000
Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau County (adult) 1000
Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau County 200000
Bowman-Haley Dam, Bowman County 205000
Northgate Dam, Burke County 15000
Short Creek Dam, Burke County 17000
Smishek Lake, Burke County 25000
Crimmins WPA, Burleigh County (fry) 100000
Lindemann Lake, Cass County 27000
Mount Carmel Dam, Cavalier County 50000
Pheasant Lake, Dickey County 27000
Wilson Dam, Dickey County 5000
Lake Ilo, Dunn County 81000
Lake Coe, Eddy County 66000
Warsing Dam, Eddy County 11000
Rice Lake, Emmons County 87000
Dry Lake, Foster County 61000
Odland Dam, Golden Valley County 17000
Fordville Dam, Grand Forks County 25000
Larimore Dam, Grand Forks County 10000
Heart Butte Reservoir (Lake Tschida), Grant County 321000
Sheep Creek Dam, Grant County 14000
Lake Addie, Griggs County 29000
Red Willow Lake, Griggs County 20000
Indian Creek Dam, Hettinger County 30000
Alkaline Lake, Kidder County 102000
Frettim Lake, Kidder County 15000
Lake Geneva, Kidder County (fry) 100000
Jasper Lake, Kidder County 41000
Lake Josephine, Kidder County 56000
Rafferty Lake, Kidder County (fry) 20000
Remmick Lake, Kidder County 54000
Round Lake, Kidder County 20000
Sibley Lake, Kidder County 99000
Trautmann Lake, Kidder County (fry) 50000
Vogel WPA, Kidder County (fry) 50000
Woodhouse Lake, Kidder County 29000
Boom Lake (Marion Lake), LaMoure County 11000
Diamond Lake, LaMoure County 67000
Kulm-Edgeley Dam, LaMoure County 4000
Lake LaMoure, LaMoure County 22000
Twin Lakes, LaMoure County 64000
Logan (Mueller) WMA, Logan County (fry) 200000
Marvin Miller Lake, Logan County 51000
Mundt Lake, Logan County 34000
Thurn Lake, Logan County 11000
Wentz WPA, Logan County (fry) 200000
Buffalo Lodge Lake, McHenry County 100000
Round Lake, McHenry County 106000
Coldwater Lake, McIntosh County 21000
Dorfman Lake, McIntosh County 101000
Dry Lake, McIntosh County 199000
Green Lake, McIntosh County 40000
Lehr WMA, McIntosh County 49000
Lake Audubon, McLean County 138000
Crooked Lake, McLean County 95000
Sweet Briar Lake, Morton County 20000
White Earth Dam, Mountrail County 22000
Stump Lake, Nelson County 863000
Tolna Dam, Nelson County 25000
Lake Sakakawea 4000000
Clear Lake, Pierce County 51000
Lesmeister Lake, Pierce County 144000
Cavanaugh Lake, Ramsey County 7000
Lake Darling, Renville County 495000
Elm Lake, Richland County 29000
Lake Elsie, Richland County 29000
Grass Lake, Richland County 52000
Gullys Slough, Richland County 32000
Haus Lake, Richland County 5000
Horseshoe Lake, Richland County 20000
Lueck Lake, Richland County 17000
Strege Lake, Richland County 10000
Wahl Lake, Richland County 5000
West Moran Lake, Richland County 11000
Dion Lake, Rolette County 10000
Upsilon Lake, Rolette County 50000
Alkali Lake, Sargent County 18000
Buffalo Lake, Sargent County 30000
Consolidated Lake, Sargent County 13000
Kraft Slough, Sargent County 93000
Ole Breum Lake, Sargent County 10000
Sprague Lake, Sargent County 27000
Lake Tewaukon, Sargent County 182000
Tosse Slough, Sargent County 20000
Lake Richard, Sheridan County 51000
South (Hoffer) McClusky, Sheridan County 20000
Stober Lake, Sheridan County 50000
Froelich Dam, Sioux County 15000
Dickinson Reservoir (Patterson Lake), Stark County 218000
North Golden Lake, Steele County 30000
South Golden Lake, Steele County 40000
Bader Lake, Stutsman County 40000
Barnes Lake, Stutsman County 28000
Big Mallard Marsh, Stutsman County 50000
Clark Lake, Stutsman County 15000
Crystal Springs, Stutsman County 15000
Hehn-Schaffer Lake, Stutsman County 11000
Jamestown Reservoir, Stutsman County 150000
Pipestem Reservoir, Stutsman County 100000
Reule Lake, Stutsman County 60000
Spiritwood Lake, Stutsman County 41000
Armourdale Dam, Towner County 10000
Bisbee Dam-Big Coulee, Towner County 30000
Bylin Dam, Walsh County 9000
Matejcek Dam, Walsh County 20000
Hiddenwood Lake, Ward County 19000
Goose Lake, Wells County 67000
Harvey Dam, Wells County 34000
Hurdsfield-Tuffy Lake, Wells County 31000
Blacktail Dam, Williams County 31000
Epping-Springbrook Dam, Williams County 23000
Kota-Ray Dam, Williams County 4000
McGregor Dam, Williams County 8000
McLeod (Ray) Reservoir, Williams County 8000
OWLS Pond, Burleigh County (adult) 75
Porsborg Dam, Morton County (adult) 90
Rice Lake, Ward County (adult) 84
Lake Ashtabula, Barnes County (adult) 5000
Bowman-Haley Dam, Bowman County (adult) 2000
TAD Lake, Dickey County (adult) 4000
Skjermo Lake, Divide County (adult) 12000
Tanberg Dam, Divide County (adult) 2000
Odland Dam, Golden Valley County (adult) 2000
Larson Lake, Hettinger County (adult) 1000
Lake Holmes, McLean County (adult) 8000
Krieg’s Pond, Morton County (adult) 250
McClusky Canal (adult) 6000
Wesmeister Lake, Pierce County (adult) 2000
Lake Elsie, Richland County (adult) 4000
Lueck Lake, Richland County (adult) 1000
Mooreton Pond, Richland County (adult) 1000
South (Hoffer) McClusky, Sheridan County (adult) 19000
West Martin, Sheridan County (adult) 2000
Cedar Lake, Slope County (adult) 1000
Dickinson Reservoir (Patterson Lake), Stark County (adult) 5000
Pipestem Reservoir, Stutsman County (adult) 4000
Schock Lake, Stutsman County (adult) 5000
Spiritwood Lake, Stutsman County (adult) 5000
Rice Lake, Ward County (adult) 835
South Carlson Lake, Ward County (adult) 180
State Fair Pond, Ward County (adult) 792
Harvey Dam, Wells County (adult) 44000
Cottonwood Lake, Williams County (adult) 48000
Tioga Dam, Williams County (adult) 3000