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Using ESRI ArcGIS Apps

NOTE: The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is unable to provide support for problems that may be encountered when installing and using the ESRI ArcGIS Mobile App software. Please see the ESRI support website for software information and installation help.


The ArcGIS app is a free download and can be found by searching "ArcGIS" in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It may also be downloaded onto a smartphone from the ESRI 'ArcGIS app for Smartphones and Tablets' page at



(NOTE: Screen captures in the examples below were taken on Android (left images) and iOS (right images) devices. There may be variations between what is shown here and what will be seen on different smartphones).

Application Home ScreenApplication Home Screen

After installing the application, open and search for North Dakota Game and Fish Department maps using 'ndgf' in the search box.


Search ResultsSearch Results

A list of Department maps will load. Select a map for additional information and click open to view.


Search ResultsSearch Results
(PLOTS Guide Map)

To view the current location tap the Location Button button at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: The ArcGIS app can use a smartphone's location services to overlay the smartphone's location on any of the Game and Fish maps. This service can be toggled on/off in the smartphone's settings menu.



Additional map information and base maps, including aerial imagery, are available in the menu settings for the app.