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Fisheries Division Recognizes Wahpeton Park Board

Monday, October 21, 2013

The State Game and Fish Department recently honored the Wahpeton Park Board for its ongoing efforts to develop and improve public boating and fishing facilities at numerous lakes, rivers and recreation sites in Richland County.

Each year the Department’s fisheries division presents a “Certificate of Appreciation” to an organization that has a history of accomplishments as a cooperating partner in local fisheries projects. Fisheries development supervisor Bob Frohlich said the park board is a perfect example of how a willing entity can make a difference for local fisheries.

“The Wahpeton Park Board and its members have helped with construction and installation of boat ramps, courtesy docks, toilets, fishing piers, fishing access roads and parking areas at Mooreton Pond, Brushvale Landing and numerous sites on the Red River in the immediate Wahpeton area,” Frohlich added. “They have also assumed primary responsibility for maintaining these facilities after construction, and the park board does an outstanding job in performing this task.”