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Put Garbage Where it Belongs

Friday, June 29, 2012

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department reminds outdoor recreationists who celebrate the Fourth of July along the Missouri River or any other heavily-used recreational area to keep it clean by packing out all trash, including fireworks.

Nancy Boldt, water safety coordinator, said litter is already accumulating along the shorelines of the Missouri River. “People are excited to be able to enjoy the river again after not being able to use it last year due to the flood, but it is really disappointing to see shorelines littered with bottles, cans and wrappers,” Boldt said.

All garbage, including used fireworks, should be placed in the proper trash receptacle. If they aren’t available, or are full, Boldt said to take the trash and dispose of it at home.

“At the more heavily-used recreational areas, it is not uncommon to see garbage piling up around trash containers after they become full,” Boldt said. “The Missouri River is a beautiful destination, and we want everyone to keep it that way.”