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Status of Public Shooting Ranges

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The MacLean shooting range located near the MacLean boat ramp south of Bismarck is now open after being closed earlier this spring due to a wildfire and ensuing high fire danger index.

Shooting is only allowed from the bench to the designated target stands. Tracer rounds and exploding targets are prohibited. Any illegal activity should be reported to Report All Poachers by calling (800) 472-2121.

Future plans for MacLean in either 2013 or 2014 include improvements and expansion slightly to the west of the existing area, with shotgun, handgun, and 100- and 200-yard rifle ranges.

MacLean Bottoms is two miles south of ND Highway 1804, approximately 15 miles southeast of Bismarck.

The Schmidt Bottoms shooting range south of Mandan is open and was upgraded just last year with 100-yard, 200-yard, shotgun and pistol ranges. Schmidt Bottoms is located approximately 13 miles south of Mandan on ND Highway 1806.

The public shooting range at the Wilton Mine Wildlife Management Area is currently closed due to wet conditions. Wilton Mine WMA is approximately two miles east of Wilton. 

Interested users can check the status of all public shooting ranges by accessing the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website,