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Wetland Reserve Program Incentive

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Wetland Reserve Program Incentive

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The Department offers an incentive payment on Wetland Reserve Program contracts. This incentive can be applied to new WRP contracts and current WRP contracts.

General Program Guidelines

The primary purpose of the WRP Incentive is to restore, protect or enhance wetlands on private property as well as provide for public access.

The Department will select applications using a ranking system, which gives priority to:

  • Size of tract – preference will increase with size.
  • Accessibility – greater preference for road/trail access to the tract.
  • Upland/wetland ratio – three or four acres of upland for each acre of wetland is preferred. Large water bodies with minimal uplands rank lower.
  • Location – preference for tracts close to public lands or priority areas of the state.
  • Habitat diversity – greater preference for habitat interspersion such as adjacent food supplies and winter cover (brush, creek bottoms and cattails).

Payment Rates

The Department will provide a one-time payment equal to 15 percent of the USDA Geographical Area Rate Cap WRP county easement value for a 30-year WRP contract. Shorter term agreements are also available; payment will be prorated to match the agreement term.

Landowner must agree to:

  • Sign an agreement with the Department allowing public access for walk-in hunting for the term of the USDA WRP contract. This only allows walk-in hunting and does not pertain to motorized vehicle use, trapping or other nonhunting activities. The landowner must have a completed USDA WRP contract prior to enrollment in the WRP Incentive.
  • Limit WRP haying and grazing only to maintenance manipulations specified in the USDA WRP contract.
  • Allow the Department to sign and publicize the tract open to walk-in hunting.