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Habitat Plot Program

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Habitat Plot Program

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The Department's Habitat Plot Program is a multi-year rental of private land providing nesting, wintering and other key wildlife habitat. The Habitat plot can be newly established habitat, existing habitat or a combination of both.

General Program Guidelines

Tracts of newly established and/or existing habitat will be considered for enrollment. Priority given to offers greater than 80 acres in size.

Short-Term Options:

  • Landowner receives an annual payment for a 3-year agreement period for protecting and managing existing habitat.
  • Or
  • Landowner receives an annual payment for a 6-year agreement period for establishing new habitat.

Long-Term Option (limited funding):

  • Contact Department PLI biologist for details.

Payment Rates

Existing Habitat:

  • Areas for consideration include grasslands, wetlands, woodlands and riparian zones.
  • Existing habitat can be enrolled in combination with converted cropland.
  • Rental payments in the $9-14/acre payment range.
  • Landowner may receive incentive payment if land is located in a priority area.

New Habitat Establishment:

  • Game and Fish will provide cost-share to establish herbaceous cover on cropland. The Department will work with landowners to determine seed mix (requires 6 year agreement minimum).
  • Rental rate based on average NASS dry land rate for each county.
  • Landowner may receive Habitat Incentive Payment (HIP) if land is located in a district priority area.

Landowner must agree to:

  • Sign an agreement with the Department allowing public access for walk-in hunting. This only allows walk in hunting and does not pertain to motorized vehicle use, trapping or other nonhunting activities.
  • Follow a management plan developed by biologists.
  • Allow the Department to sign and publicize the tract open to walk-in hunting.