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CRP Access Program

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CRP Access Program

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The CRP Cost-Sharing Access Program provides assistance to landowners establishing or maintaining USDA Conservation Reserve Program acres in exchange for public access. The components of the program include: grass, shrubs, pollinators, management and food plots.

General Program Guidelines

Grass and Pollinator Seeding – The Department will provide cost-sharing on grass/pollinator seedings for CRP grass/pollinator plantings. This can be applied to recently established CRP and renovating existing CRP.

CRP Mid-Contract Management – The Department will provide cost-share and additional incentives for mid-contract management activities performed on the CRP contract such as light disking, harrowing, prescribed burning, interseeding forbs or legumes, or use of Lawson aerator. Managed or emergency haying and grazing does not qualify for cost-share or incentives. The Department will also provide cost-share to perform required management.

Contractor Services - The Department may make arrangements with qualified private contractors or county soil conservation districts to assist producers with land preparation, grass seeding and management of CRP contracts if the landowner allows public access to the CRP acres for the life of the contract.

Limited Haying and Grazing - Haying and grazing will be allowed if the landowner is authorized by their county USDA-FSA office to obtain a modified CRP conservation plan for "Managed Haying and Grazing," "Emergency Haying and Grazing" or “Routine Grazing.” If authorized, the landowner, under the terms of the CRP access agreement, will be allowed to:

  • Hay up to 50 percent of the eligible CRP acres in any given year by utilizing “Managed or Emergency Haying,”
  • Or
  • Graze up to 100 percent of the eligible CRP lease/cost-share acres in any given year by utilizing either " Managed Grazing, Emergency Grazing or Routine Grazing."

Under no circumstance may the cooperator hay more than 50 percent of the CRP acres in any given year. All haying and grazing activities must be completed by September 1 of each year unless otherwise approved by the Department. “Routine Grazing” must include a grazing plan that has been approved by the Department.

CRP Shrub Cost-Share – The Department will provide cost-sharing assistance on CRP shrub plantings. Cost-share includes the cost of the trees/shrub and fabric on nonsuckering species; payment does not include costs associated with chemicals or other maintenance. Department tree/shrub planting specifications must be followed to receive cost-share.

CRP Wildlife Food Plots – The Department will provide an establishment payment for the planting of agricultural crops left unharvested for a wildlife food source on CRP acres.

Payment Rates

  • Cost-share rates, from all sources, for grass/pollinator seedings are not to exceed 100 percent of seeding and seed costs.
  • CRP wildlife food plot – establishment payment only, NO rental payment.
  • One-time, upfront access payment based on regional location in the state.

Landowner must agree to:

  • Have CRP acres, 80 acres preferred total acreage.
  • Be willing to sign an agreement with the Department allowing access for walk-in hunting on respective CRP and other ownership within the quarter section for the term of their CRP agreement (does not pertain to motorized vehicle use, trapping or any other nonhunting activities).