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Eastern Spotted Skunk

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Genus species Spilogale putorius
Description Roughly the size of a small house cat, it is distinguishable from the more common striped skunk by six white spots running the length of its back, and a small white spot between its eyes. It also has an all black tail with a white tip. Nocturnal and highly secretive.
Body length 18-21 inches
Weight 1-1.3 pounds
Habitat Found in riparian areas and vegetated fence lines along agricultural fields. Den in dark, dry burrows dug themselves or by other mammals. May also den in haystacks, rock piles or abandoned buildings
Breeding Season March and April
Gestation Period 50-65 days
Litter size 2-9
Status in North Dakota Rare year-round resident
Food habits Opportunistic forager - rodents, birds, eggs, insects, grains, fruits, etc.

Conservation Issues

Habitat Loss of riparian areas is a major concern for Eastern spotted skunk. It uses these areas to hunt, and also dens in logs and brush piles.
Other Natural or Manmade Factors In other parts of its range, automobile collisions and poisoning are known threats to this species.