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Papillomas (warts)

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Looks bad

Commonly infected wildlife

Any Mammal


Is this animal infected?

  • Infected animals have hairless growths on their skin
  • These growths are:
    • Variable in color, texture, number and size (from a dime to a baseball)
    • Often found around eyes and neck, but may also be on the body or legs


Can I get it?


  • People cannot get this type of wart

How bad can it get?

No risk to humans

Protect myself and others

  • Trim away infected tissue – it is unappetizing and should not be eaten
    • Once infected tissue has been trimmed away, meat can be cooked and eaten



Symptoms in humans

  • None – people are not at risk

Safe for pets?

Safe for pets

Yes – After trimming away infected tissue


What causes it?

  • A virus in the Papillomavirus group