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North Dakota Habitats Overview


Note: Information and statistics for the sections below were pulled from the North Dakota Wildlife Action Plan which was updated in 2015 and is currently pending approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

CWCS Landcover Map

Vegetation: North Dakota is primarily a prairie state but there are a number of vegetation types unique to the Upper Midwest. This section describes the primary vegetative communities found in North Dakota.


Geological Regions

Geological Regions: There are 6 major geographic regions in North Dakota. This section briefly describes the location and major components of each.



Climate: North Dakota’s climate is continental and is characterized by large variances in temperature, both on a seasonal and daily basis. Precipitation ranges from low to moderate, and air flow through the region creates windy conditions.


Land Classification

Land Classification: This section shows the land classification with acreage and percent occupancy of the state.



Habitats: This section is devoted to the nine primary landscape components (these components are identified as key habitats or community types essential to species of conservation priority).