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North Dakota SWG Projects

The following is a list of research, survey, or habitat projects supported with State Wildlife Grant funds in North Dakota. All these projects involve one or more other partners who may have contributed nonfederal match, expertise, initiated the project, etc. Some projects are complete and others are still in progress. The principle investigator is listed in parentheses following the project title. Contact the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for more information.

  • A Landscape Approach to Grassland Bird Conservation (Dave Naugle, University of Montana)
  • A Survey of Golden Eagles in and Around the Little Missouri National Grasslands of North Dakota (Margi Coyle, University of North Dakota)
  • Distribution and Abundance of Swainson’s and Ferruginous Hawks in ND: Development of Models to Assist in Conservation Planning (Marco Restani and Clara McCarthy, St. Cloud State University)
  • Richardson’s Ground Squirrel Colonies in ND: Distribution, Trend and Burrowing Owl Use (Marsha Sovada, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)
  • Literature Review and Recommended Management Plans for Mammals of Southwestern ND (Marsha Sovada, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)
  • Northern Great Plains Joint Venture (NGPJV) Science Coordinator (The Nature Conservancy)
  • Upgrade and Conversion of North Dakota Natural Heritage Database to Biotics/HDMS (Kathy Duttenhefner, ND Parks and Recreation Department)
  • Distribution and Abundance of the Long-billed Curlew in Southwest North Dakota (Dan Ackerman, University of North Dakota)
  • Exploration of Factors That May Lead to Colony Abandonment or Reduced Productivity of American White Pelicans (Paulette Scherr, US Fish and Wildlife Service and Marsha Sovada, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)
  • Demographic Performance of Prairie-nesting Shorebirds and Raptors in North Dakota (Scott Stephens, Ducks Unlimited)
  • Marsh Bird Distribution in Relation to Landscape Composition in ND (Mark Sherfy, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)
  • Comparative Evaluation and Inventory of Small Mammals and Herptiles in Southwest ND (Dr. Rick Sweitzer and John Leonhart, University of North Dakota)
  • Aerial Survey and Ground-based Mapping Effort of Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colonies in Southwestern ND (Craig Knowles, FaunaWest Wildlife Consultants)
  • Distribution and Abundance of River Otters and other Meso-carnivores in Eastern ND (Dr. Tom Serfass, Frostburg State University)
  • Shorebird Nest Success and Nest-Site Selection in the Devils Lake Wetland Management District (Darren Wiens, Louisiana State University, and Delta Waterfowl Foundation)
  • Status of Selected Fishes with Immediate Conservation Need in North Dakota (Dr. Charles Berry, South Dakota State University)
  • Sage-steppe Prairie Conservation Planning (Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies)
  • North Dakota’s Wildlife Action Plan Phase II: Development of the Implementation Plan and Maintenance of the Eight Elements (Conservation Section, ND Game and Fish Department)
  • Maintenance of Mixed-Grass Prairie Habitats (Randy Renner, Ducks Unlimited)
  • Removal of Russian Olive Trees and Other Woody Vegetation in Grassland, Wetland, and Riparian Habitats (Wildlife Division, ND Game and Fish Department)
  • Restoring Tall-grass and Mixed-grass Prairie in Cropland-dominated Landscapes of Northeastern ND (Cami Dixon, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Implementation of North Dakota’s Wildlife Action Plan through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Private Lands Initiative (Wildlife Division, ND Game and Fish Department)
  • Implementing Adaptive Grassland Management for Declining Grassland and Wetland Birds at the Davis Ranch (Eric Rosenquist, The Nature Conservancy)
  • A Two Phase Population Survey of Mussels in North Dakota Rivers (Andre DeLorme, Valley City State University)
  • Habitat Enhancement for Grassland Birds in the Sheyenne Delta Landscape (Robert Self, The Nature Conservancy)
  • Establishing Amphibian Population Levels in Local Sites of North Dakota (Ken Cabarle, Minot State University)
  • Removing Sedimentation as a Technique for Restoring Palustrine Seasonal and Temporary Wetlands in the Northeast Drift Prairie of  North Dakota (Mark Fisher, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Smith Grove Wildlife Management Area Addition (NDGFD and multiple partners)
  • Wetland Occupancy by Shorebirds in Wind Energy Developments in the Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota (Scott Stephens, Ducks Unlimited)
  • Restoration and Enhancement of Mixed Grass and Sand Prairie in North Dakota State Parks (Kathy Duttenhefner, NDPRD)
  • Riparian Restoration on Western Wildlife Management Areas (Jared McJunkin, National Wild Turkey Federation)
  • Relationships Among Landscape Composition, Nesting Density, Chick Condition, Adult Condition and Reproductive Success in Franklin’s Gull (Dr. Mark Clark, NDSU and Dr. Katherine Mehl, UND)
  • Distribution and Habitat Use of the Bats of North Dakota (Dr. Erin Gillam, NDSU)
  • Evaluating the Distribution of River Otters and Beavers throughout the Missouri and Souris River Drainages in North Dakota (Dr. Tom Serfass, Frostburg State University)
  • Interaction of Land Use and Wet/dry Cycles on Invertebrate Populations in Prairie Wetlands: Implications for Waterbird Habitat Conservation (Michael Anteau, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, Scott Stephens, DU, and Dr. Mark Clark, NDSU)
  • Influence of Habitat Types on Grassland Bird Diversity (Dr. Katherine Mehl, UND)
  • Influence of Habitat Types on Waterfowl Nest Density and Success (Cami Dixon, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Dr. Mike Eichholz, Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
  • Restoration of Fire Regimes on the Missouri Coteau to Support Native Prairie and Prairie Obligate Species (Eric Rosenquist, The Nature Conservancy)
  • An Evaluation of Northern Leopard Frog Populations in North Dakota (Dr. Craig Stockwell, NDSU)
  • Population and Status Assessment Strategies Applied to a Management Plan for the Snapping Turtle in North Dakota (Dr. Dennis Scarnecchia, University of Idaho)
  • Breeding Ecology of Ferruginous and Swainson's Hawks in Relation to Energy Extraction Activities in Western North Dakota (Dr. Gary Schnell and Dr. David Wiggins, University of Oklahoma)
  • Grassland Bird Response to Decreases in Grazing Pressure (Dr. Marissa Ahlering, The Nature Conservancy)
  • Survey and Faunal Inventory of Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colnies in Southwestern North Dakota (Mike Shaughnessy, Dickinson State University)
  • Distribution of Grassland Insects in Eastern North Dakota (Dr. Brett Goodwin, UND)
  • Relocation of Historic Browse Transect Photo-points in the North Dakota Badlands (NDGF)


North Dakota State Wildlife Grant Contacts:

Steve Dyke, Conservation Supervisor, 701-328-6347
Patrick Isakson, Conservation Biologist, 701-328-6338
Sandra Johnson, Conservation Biologist, 701-328-6382