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Hunt for Tomorrow

Hunter with dog on prairie

Hunt for Tomorrow

A major component of ethical hunting is being a responsible steward of our natural resources, hunting lands and the opportunity to spend time afield.

Integral to this is understanding and respecting the challenges and values of landowners both private and public.

As a hunter there are some simple things you can do to protect the land, promote strong landowner-hunter relationships and positively represent hunting.

More Tips

Hunter walking on road with dogs


Posted Land

Confirm the land isn't posted (physically or electronically) prior to hunting


Keep all gates, approaches and roadways clear of obstructions

Carcass Disposal

Don't leave carcass remains in ditches


Leave gates as you found them (open if open, closed if closed)


Be mindful of conditions in the field


Don't litter

The Future

Support conservation


Do the right thing even if nobody is watching


Thank a landowner