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How to Customize a Map

The interactive map services (desktop/mobile) provided by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department may be customized using the online tools provided with each map service. Customization options and tools available will vary with type of service.

The customization example below is specific to the Department’s ‘Desktop Interactive Services’.

Important note about map layers and zooming level: Map layers become active (can be turned on or off) based on zoom level. If the checkbox beside a layer name is grayed out (it cannot be checked) continue to zoom in until it becomes active.

Map Customization Example

The example below uses the General Information Desktop Viewer service.

This example uses 3 main data layers: deer hunting units, mule deer ranges, and PLOTS layers. It shows where mule deer can be found, the hunting districts within their range and private land open to hunting within their range (note: The Department also provides a PLOTS specific desktop viewer and mobile viewer. These viewers are optimized for viewing the PLOTS data layer by default).

*Click on any image to view a larger version.

Initial View:

Interactive Map Service
If you do not see the toolbar, click on the 'Show/Hide Toolbar' button towards the top right of the screen.

Add Layers

Data Layers

The different layers that can be added to the map can be found by clicking on the arrow on the left directly under the tool bar.

Interactive Map Service

Add the deer hunting units layer by checking the box by 'Deer Units' under 'Operational Layers' in the 'Map Layers' listing.

Interactive Map Service

The PLOTS layer should be turned on by default on this map. If it is not, check the box beside 'NDGF PLOTS' under Operational Layers → Lands in the 'Map Layers' listing.

Turn on the mule deer range map layer at Operational Layers → Species Range and Habitat → Big Game

The map should now resemble the screen shot below:

Interactive Map Service

Zoom to Unit

There is more than one way to zoom (scroll mouse, double click, zoom slider or zoom in tool). This example uses the 'Zoom In' tool zoom on the toolbar.

Data Layers

Click on the map. While holding down the mouse button, draw a square around the area of interest.

Interactive Map Service

Continue zooming in until the area of interest is clearly visible.

Layers below the range and PLOTS layers (ex. counties, topography, and aerial image base maps) may be hidden. To view them change the transparency of the land and range layers using the sliding bars beside the layer headers.

Layer Transparency

Other Notes

Base Maps

To quickly change between Base Maps (aerial imagery, street maps, topographic maps, etc) click the 'Base Map' menu in the upper right corner.

Aerial Imagery

In addition to the imagery base maps, there are several different aerial imagery layers available for North Dakota with varying resolution and acquisition dates. The image layers can be found in the 'Map Layer' listing under 'North Dakota Imagery'.

Layer Transparency

Zoom to Extent

To zoom to the extent of the specified layer, click on the layer in the 'Map Layers' listing and select 'Zoom to Extent'.

Layer Transparency