Monarch Habitat Survey

Milkweed patch

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department would like to know what projects, big or small, individuals, groups or conservation organizations may be executing to assist in the long-term effort to provide milkweed habitat for the propagation of monarch butterflies. Please complete the survey below.

(Learn more about monarchs here)

Submission Type
Are you a...
Do you currently have milkweed on your property?
If yes...
Location on Property
If yes, where is it?
Stem Count
If in a garden or city park, how many stems of milkweed do you have?
Stem Density
If in CRP, conservation land, or pasture/rangeland, what is the size of the land and estimated milkweed density?
If no...
Reason No Milkweed
If there is no milkweed on your property, why?
Management Practices
If you currently spray or mow all of your milkweed, would you consider changing your management practices to leave some patches of milkweed intact for Monarchs?

If you are a city administrator, state, federal or tribal government, industry, business or other proprietor, please describe your current or future desired plans for attracting Monarchs to your property.


Prior to reading about Monarchs in North Dakota Outdoors magazine, the NDGF website, or perhaps some other source, were you aware that milkweed is the only plant that Monarch caterpillars eat?

More Information Monarchs

Would you like more information on how to plant a Monarch garden or larger pollinator plot?

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