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This page is designed as a supplement to the menu navigation on this website. If you still cannot find the information you are looking for after viewing this page, or if you are having problems purchasing a license or applying for a lottery, please contact the Department for assistance at 701-328-6300.

Hunting Information

The Basics

  1. What can I hunt?
  2. When can I hunt?
  3. Where can I hunt?
  4. What do I need before I can hunt?
  5. I believe someone is poaching. How can I report it?

Licensing and Lotteries

  1. What is a lottery?
    Note - Licenses for the following species are only available by lottery: Deer, Moose, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Pronghorn, Turkey, Tundra Swan
  2. It is my first time applying for a lottery. What do I need to know?
  3. What licenses do I need to hunt?
  4. Am I considered a North Dakota resident for licensing and lottery purposes?
  5. What is this going to cost?

Other Useful Hunting Information

  1. Where can I find information about CWD and other wildlife and fish diseases found in North Dakota?
  2. What other hunting and trapping education do you offer?
  3. Wild game recipes
  4. Complete listing of hunting related links
  5. Searchable index of maps
  6. Sunrise/sunset times
  7. Fire Danger Index


The Basics

  1. What fish can I harvest?
  2. Where can I fish?
  3. What do I need before I can go fishing?
  4. Where can I find complete fishing regulations?


  1. What licenses do I need to fish?
  2. Am I considered a North Dakota resident for licensing and lottery purposes?
  3. What is this going to cost me?

Other Useful Fishing Information

  1. Aquatic Nuisance Species - What are they, and why should I care?
  2. I just caught a monster fish. Is it a state record?
  3. I just caught a big, tasty fish. How do I cook it?
  4. Complete listing of fishing related links


The Basics

  1. Where can I launch my boat?
  2. Who can legally operate a boat in North Dakota?
  3. What watercraft must be registered?
  4. How can I register my watercraft or renew my watercraft registration?
  5. Where can I find boating regulations?
  6. Do you have any boating safety classes?
  7. Aquatic Nuisance Species - What are they, and why should I care?


Conservation in North Dakota

  1. What is the Department doing to help conserve wildlife and wildlife habitat?
  2. What can I do to help?

North Dakota Wildlife

  1. What North Dakota species are listed as threatened or endangered?
  2. What are "Species of Conservation Priority?"
  3. What are 'Invasive Species'?
  4. I found an animal that is hurt or appears to be orphaned. What do I do?
  5. What are some of the diseases that effect North Dakota fish and wildlife?

North Dakota Habitats

  1. What types of habitat are found in North Dakota?


  1. People with disabilities
  2. Photography
  3. Video
  4. Published research, informational posters and pamphlets, etc.
  5. Maps
  6. Youth
  7. Getting involved
  8. Miscellaneous

Still unable to find the information you need? Please contact us at:

North Dakota Game and Fish Department
100 N. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND 58501-5095
Phone: 701-328-6300

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