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NASP Recognizes Prior Scores for State Tournament

Even though the 2020 North Dakota National Archery in the Schools Program state tournament live in-person event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizers had a plan in place to recognize archers based on earlier results from the school year.

State NASP coordinator Jeff Long said he always had a backup plan in place in case the live tournament was canceled because of a weather event. And in that situation, the state tournament would become a virtual tournament.

“Normally a virtual tournament would consist of schools conducting tournaments back in their gyms and the coach would enter the scores online,” Long said. “The schools would normally be required to pair up so at least two schools were actually competing together. However, the unique thing about this cancellation was most, if not all schools, would not have been able to conduct the tournament back in their communities either because of social distancing guidelines.”

Therefore, Long said in lieu of conducting an actual shooting event, coaches were allowed to select any score shot by an individual at a previously conducted local NASP tournament and enter those scores for their student archers.

“There were more than 25 local bull's-eye and 3-D tournaments completed in North Dakota before schools and facilities were shut down,” Long said. “The coaches were given a window of time to enter their scores, and then we verified the results. We felt it was important to recognize the students and instructors for the time and effort they put into this program.”

This year’s national tournaments scheduled in Louisville, Ky and Salt Lake City, UT have been canceled. The North Dakota Youth Archery Advisory Council contributed $20,000 in college scholarships to the top five overall scorers in both boys and girls divisions.

Oakes students claimed top honors in the high school (grades 9-12), middle school (grades 7-8) and elementary (grades 4-6) bull's-eye divisions.

The overall male winner was New Rockford-Sheyenne archer Koven Walford, while Griggs County Central student Rylee Suhr claimed the top spot in the female division.

High school boys – 1) Koven Walford, New Rockford-Sheyenne; 2) Joshua Wiebusch, Wahpeton; 3) Clancey Zimbelman, Oakes.

High school girls – 1) Lily Wiek, Oakes; 2) Allee Boyer, Edgeley; 3) Gracie Gunderson, Medina.

Middle school boys – 1) Hunter Genre, New Rockford-Sheyenne; 2) Colin Olson, North Sargent; 3) Braysen Sagert, Oakes. 

Middle school girls – 1) Rylee Suhr, Griggs County Central; 2) Kaitlyn Folkman, Oakes; 3) Brooke Bundy, Barnes County North.

Elementary boys – 1) Tucker Deering, Oakes; 2) Isaiah Wertz, Oakes; 3) Andrew Undem Oakes.

Elementary girls – 1) Jourdyn Buchholz, Griggs County Central; 2) Braylyn McKown, Oakes; 3) Claire Leidy, Wilton.

In addition, archers were scored in a NASP 3-D Challenge tournament.

Oakes students claimed top honors in the high school, middle school and elementary divisions.

Overall male and female winners were Clancey Zimbelman, Oakes, and Danica Onchuck, Hankinson.

Top performers in the 3-D high school boys were 1) Clancey Zimbelman, Oakes; 2) Koven Walford, New Rockford-Sheyenne; 3) Andrew Hill, Oakes.

3-D high school girls – 1) Grace Neameyer, Mt. Pleasant; 2) Avery Trittin, Lidgerwood; 3) Gracie Gunderson, Medina.

3-D middle school boys – 1) Braysen Sagert, Oakes; 2) Gage Hofmann, Medina; 3) Hunter Genre, New Rockford.

3-D middle school girls – 1) Danica Onchuck, Hankinson; 2) Rylee Suhr, Griggs County Central; 3) Kirstan Loewen, Hankinson.

3-D elementary boys – 1) Isaiah Wertz, Oakes; 2) Paul Hoyt, St. Johns Academy; 3) Tucker Deering, Oakes.

3-D elementary girls – 1) Braylyn McKown, Oakes; 2) Jourdyn Buchholz, Griggs County Central; 3) Ryleigh Walker, Griggs County Central.