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NASP State Tournament Results

School-aged archers from across the state participated virtually in the 2021 National Archery in the Schools state tournament. Archers competed in their own gymnasiums and scores were submitted electronically.

The top 10 archers in each division of the bullseye tournament qualify for the national tournament, which will be held virtually. In addition, the top team in each division also qualifies.

The North Dakota Youth Archery Advisory Committee contributed $21,000 in college scholarships to the top five overall scorers in both boys and girls divisions.

Oakes students claimed top honors in the high school (grades 9-12), middle school (grades 7-8) and elementary (grades 4-6) bullseye team divisions.

The overall individual male winner was Oakes archer Hunter Kamlitz, while Medina student Gracie Gunderson claimed the top individual spot in the female division.

Top three place winners in the individual competition by division:

High school boys – 1) Hunter Kamlitz, Oakes; 2) Clancey Zimbelman, Oakes; 2) Casey Everson, Barnes County North.

High school girls – 1) Gracy Gunderson, Medina; 2) Tallin Schafer, Lidgerwood; 3) Allee Boyer, Edgeley.

Middle school boys – 1) Braysen Sagert, Oakes; 2) Gage Hoffman, Medina; 3) Hunter Genre, New Rockford-Sheyenne. 

Middle school girls – 1) Shayle Zimbelman, Oakes; 2) Madison Samuelson, Mt. Pleasant; 3) Mackenzie Nogowski, North Sargent.

Elementary boys – 1) Drew Hofmann, Medina; 2) Louis Schmidt, Ellendale; 3) Andy Jones, Oakes.

Elementary girls – 1) Alyssa Brummund, Edgeley; 2) Nora Helgerson, Oakes; 3) Sophia Krush, Wilton.

In addition, archers were scored in a NASP 3-D Challenge tournament.

In the team category, Oakes students claimed top honors in the high school and middle school divisions, while Wilton claimed the top prize in the elementary division.

Overall individual male and female winners were Clancey Zimbelman, Oakes, and Gracie Gunderson, Medina.

Top three individual performers in the 3-D high school boys division were 1) Clancey Zimbelman, Oakes; 2) Mason Kamlitz, Oakes; 3) Connor Cose, Mt. Pleasant.

3-D high school girls – 1) Gracie Gunderson, Medina; 2) Zoey Bohnenstingl, Lidgerwood; 3) Keera Erickson, Oakes.

3-D middle school boys – 1) Braysen Sagert, Oakes; 2) Isaiah Wertz, Oakes; 3) Hunter Genre, New Rockford-Sheyenne.

3-D middle school girls – 1) Shayne Zimbelman, Oakes; 2) Gabriella Golmer, Wilton; 3) Madison Samuelson, Mt. Pleasant.

3-D elementary boys – 1) Louis Schmidt, Ellendale; 2) Deahgan Benson, Gackle-Streeter; 3) Hudson Miller, Wahpeton.

3-D elementary girls – 1) Karly Rivinius, Gackle-Streeter; 2) Megan Jarrett, St. Johns Academy; 3) Morgan Scott, St. Johns Academy; 3) Sophia Krush, Wilton.