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Administrative Rules Hearing Set Dec. 12

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will hold a public hearing to address proposed rules changes to Title 30 of the North Dakota Administrative Code. The hearing is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at the agency's main office in Bismarck. 

The purpose and an explanation of the proposed rule changes are listed below.

Chapter 30-03-01.1. Section 30-03-01.1-02. Bait Definitions. An amendment to remove rainbow smelt from this section.

Chapter 30-03-01.1. Section 30-03-01.1-12. Equipment for taking legal live aquatic bait. An amendment to update equipment used for taking legal live aquatic bait.

Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-01. Fishing contest defined. REPEAL

Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-02. Organizations eligible. REPEAL

Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-03. Use of proceeds. REPEAL

Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-04. Application. Amendment to update the application process for fishing contests.

Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-05. Fishing contest rules and regulations. Amendment to update exceptions to nongame fish, and to rules and regulations regarding the donation of fish fillets.

Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-06. Reasons for denying permits. REPEAL

Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-07. Post-contest report required. REPEAL

Chapter 30-03-06. Section 30-03-06-01. Equipment. An amendment to update aquatic nuisance species equipment violations for not following ANS procedures for draining and cleaning a vessel.

Chapter 30-03-06. Section 30-03-06-05. Water prohibited. Amendment to prohibit water imported from another state.

Chapter 30-03-06. Section 30-03-06-07. Penalty. Amendment to add a $250 fee for a person guilty of a noncriminal offense who violates subsection 3 of North Dakota Administrative Code section 30-03-06-05.

Chapter 30-04-02. Section 30-04-02-11. Camping. Amendment to add fish management areas.

Chapter 30-05-01. Section 30-05-01-02. Boat safety equipment. Amendment to update length of boats regarding bells and whistles and amendment to update requirements for lighting.

Chapter 30-05-01. Section 30-05-01-05. Accident Reports. Amendment to update boating accident report, time requirement to file, and how to access the report.

The proposed rules may be reviewed at the Game and Fish Department’s office at 100 N. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND 58501-5095, or website A copy of the proposed rules may be requested in writing from the above address, or by calling 701-328-6305, or emailing Written or oral comments on the proposed rules sent to the above mailing or email address, or telephone number and received by Dec. 23, 2023, will be fully considered.

Anyone planning to attend the public hearing and needs special facilities or assistance relating to a disability should contact the Department at the above address or phone number at least seven days before the public hearing.