Lowhead Dam Danger

Lowhead dams, some from the late 1800s, can be found across North Dakota. These simple concrete or rock masonry dams were built for various reasons including town water supplies, irrigation, livestock use and recreation. The problem with these dams is that the water flowing over them can cause strong recirculating currents on the downstream side which can trap and drown people. Learn more about these dams and what can be done to mitigate their danger in this week’s webcast.

Northern Pike Spawning

A number of walleye and northern pike fisheries across the state lack the ability to sustain themselves through natural reproduction. They either lack suitable spawning habitat or have salinity levels that are too high for eggs to successfully hatch. To maintain populations in these important fisheries eggs are collected each spring to be raised in the Garrison Dam and Valley City National Fish Hatcheries then used to restock walleye and northern pike fisheries.

Fishing Reports - South Central and Missouri River System

Each spring Department fisheries biologists sit down with our webcast host Mike Anderson to discuss the coming open-water fishing season. Today biologists from the South Central Fisheries District and Lake Sakakawea tell us how the fishing prospects in their areas are shaping up. Next week we’ll hear from biologists in the North Central and Southwest Fisheries Districts.

Boat Ramps and Fish Cleaning Stations Update

As spring begins to take hold and ice melts our fisheries development staff will start delivering and installing the courtesy docks and fishing piers they've been building over the winter. This year they are planning on also creating 3-4 new boat ramps and on upgrading some of the fish cleaning stations found across the state. Find out more in this week's webcast with fisheries development supervisor Bob Frohlich.