Hunting Surveys

Many of you will be receiving hunting survey’s from the Department this fall. Information gathered from these surveys plays a critical role in determining harvest limits for the next year. Learn more in this week’s webcast.

Deer Disease Update

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease and chronic wasting disease both impact deer populations here in North Dakota. EHD is caused by a virus transferred by midges, and CWD is caused by a prion. Both kill infected deer. CWD is very persistent in the environment and has been found in the south central part of the state. North Dakota has a voluntary CWD surveillance program. Hunters are asked to participate by dropping off deer heads at collection sites (

Fall Fish Reproduction Surveys

Each year towards the end of summer fisheries personnel are out on our lakes and rivers conducting fish reproduction surveys. These surveys are designed to help evaluate stocking success and natural reproduction, information used in future management planning. So how are things looking in our waters this year? Find out in this week’s webcast with fisheries management section leader Scott Gangl.

Fall Fisheries Work

Fall is a busy time for our fisheries staff. Crews are out doing  reproduction surveys, collecting salmon eggs to raise at the Garrison hatchery, stocking a few more lakes and working on fisheries improvement projects. Learn more about what the fisheries division is working on in this week’s webcast.

Report All Poachers

What should you do if you witness a hunting or fishing violation? The Report All Poachers program provides numbers you can call (701-328-9921 or 1-800-472-2121) any time day or night to report hunting or fishing violations. You can remain anonymous if you choose. Learn more on this week’s webcast with chief game warden Bob Timian.

Operation Dry Water

Operation Dry Water is a national campaign to raise awareness of boating and drinking. Statewide, law enforcement will be concentrating on education about and enforcement of boating drinking safety and laws. Operation Dry Water is the last day of June 30th through July 2nd.