Pronghorn Season Preview

The annual aerial pronghorn survey was completed last week. The survey showed a drop in the state’s pronghorn population, but also the highest fawn to doe ratio since 2002. So what does that mean for this year’s hunting season and ongoing population management goals? Find out in this week’s webcast with big game supervisor Bruce Stillings.

2017 PLOTS Guide

For the last 20 years the Private Land Open To Sportsmen program has been helping to provide critical habitat and quality hunting opportunities in North Dakota. Learn more about PLOTS in this week’s webcast.

Birding in North Dakota

Hundreds of bird species either call North Dakota home or migrate through the state annually making birding a very rewarding activity for North Dakotans. In this week's webcast nongame biologist Sandra Johnson gives some helpful tips for viewing and identifying birds.

Free Fishing Weekend

North Dakotans who want to give fishing a try are reminded they can fish for free June 3-4. That is the state’s Free Fishing Weekend, when all residents age 16 and over can fish any North Dakota water without a license. Residents age 15 and under do not need a fishing license at any time of year.