More than 3,000 antlerless deer gun licenses remain after the first lottery.

  • Only resident applicants who were unsuccessful in the first lottery can apply for remaining licenses.
  • The deadline for applying is Aug. 8.
  • Nonresident and muzzleloader refunds will be processed mid-July. Resident refunds will not be processed until after the 2nd lottery.
  • Successful applicants will receive their deer license after they purchase a valid 2018-19 general game and habitat license or combination license in addition to their deer license. All deer hunters, regardless of age, are required to purchase this license. If you've already purchased this 2018-19 license, you do not need to purchase another one.
  • Tags for both the first and second lottery, youth and gratis will be mailed in late August.

Remaining Deer Gun Licenses

(B = Any Antlerless, D = Antlerless Whitetail, F = Antlerless Mule Deer)

Unit Type Available
3B3 D 80
3D1 D 118
3D2 D 68
3E1 D 55
3E2 D 176
3F1 B 149
3F1 D 448
3F2 B 458
3F2 D 697
4C D 97
4D D 91
4E D 146
4F D 314
4F F 185