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North Dakota Game and Fish Department


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Aquatic Nuisance Species

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ans aquatic nuisance species identification


The North Dakota Game and Fish Department, with input from members of the Aquatic Invasive Species Committee (AISC), has created a listing of North Dakota aquatic nuisance species (ND ANS). The official list includes biota considered as a threat to the state’s waters; these ANS have caused known irreversible ecologic and/or economic consequences elsewhere. Negative impacts ANS may have on native North Dakota biota are likely given the following: 1) North Dakota’s climate and habitats appear favorable to the ANS, 2) the ANS has the potential to establish a viable population in North Dakota waters, 3) the ANS is likely to spread within North Dakota waters if a pioneering population becomes established, and 4) there are one or more existing populations of the ANS close to North Dakota &/or in a few instances the ANS already occurs in the state. The ANS list for North Dakota is inclusive to any hybrids, cultivars, or varieties of the species listed.