Fish and Wildlife

  • Species Identification
    • Guide to identifying some common North Dakota species.
  • Insects and Pollinators
  • Invasive Species
    • Nonnative species of plants and animals that have been introduced or spread into North Dakota and are causing ongoing issues within the state's ecosystems.
  • Threatened and Endangered Species
    • Information on the several species in North Dakota that are listed as threatened (likely to become an endangered species in the near future) or endangered (in danger of extinction now) via the Endangered Species Act and additional species listed as candidate (proposed for listing as threatened or endangered species) species.
  • Orphaned and Injured Animals
    • What to do if you find an orphaned or injured wild animal.
  • Wildlife Diseases
    • Descriptions of common diseases which occur in North Dakota wildlife.
  • Reporting Banded Birds
    • Banding is a critical tool for the management and conservation of migratory bird populations. Bands found on birds taken during hunting seasons, on bird carcasses or band numbers read or photographed on live birds can be reported here.
  • Report Active Bald Eagle Nests Located in North Dakota