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Giant Snakehead in tank

Giant Snakehead

Fact Sheet
Scientific Name (Channa micropeltes)
Classification and Permitting Level 1 - Prohibited Aquatic Nuisance Species
Species Description Giant snakehead is a popular aquarium species known for its aggressive behavior. This invasive fish can grow to over 40 inches and 44 pounds, has an elongated dorsal fin and a blue-green tint with a dark horizontal band.
Preferred Habitat It can be found in deep, still or slow-moving lakes, reservoirs, canals, and rivers.
Reason for ANS Designation This daytime predator may impact native species by consuming fishes, frogs, and birds. In its native habitat, it has been known to kill other fish in excess of feeding needs and has been documented to attack humans.
Place of Origin Giant snakehead is native to tropical Asia. It was first documented in the United States in 1976. Aquarium releases are thought to spread this species.
Stopping the Spread Never release aquarium pets or plants into the environment. Released organisms do not typically survive and those that do survive can wreak havoc on an ecosystem.
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