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Map Index

Listing of most maps offered by the Department (Note: This link will take you to our ArcGIS map website. Many, but not all, of the links on this page can also be found on the ArcGIS map website.)

Map Service Applications

Desktop and mobile interactive map services and web maps.

Mobile App

Native applications downloaded and installed on a mobile device like a smartphone. These applications can be used to view many Department maps and allow use of device GPS to locate yourself in relation to the map.

Garmin GPS Maps

Originally designed for staff use and constructed to work on several varieties of Garmin handheld GPS models.

Web and Data Services

A simple web interface solution to access the Department’s published GIS web services using the ArcGIS Server REST (Representational State Transfer) API.

Map Definitions

Definitions to help explain the differences between the map types listed above. Read this page if you are not sure what type of map or map service will work best for your needs.