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Compass Rose


(Identifying Electronically Posted Lands)

PLOTS Guide Viewer

PLOTS Map Screenshot

Requires cell service.


PLOTS Guide Viewer

Avenza-Geospatial PDF App

Graphic depicting Avenza map on smartphone

Does not require cell service to work in the field if maps are downloaded.

View Avenza

ArcGIS Explorer App

Graphic depicting ESRI map on smartphone

Requires cell service to
work in the field.

View ArcGIS Explorer

Chronic Wasting Disease

CWD Surveillance map from 2020

Chronic wasting disease baiting and transport restrictions, surveillance units.

View CWD Maps

WMA Shooting Ranges

Map of WMA ranges - 2021

Public shooting ranges on Wildlife Management Areas.

View Ranges

Fishing and Boating


Screenshot of one of the interactive fishing maps

Filterable listing of maps for fishing waters, piers, stocking, etc.

View Fishing Map Listing

Aquatic Nuisance Species

Zebra mussel infestation map 2021

Known aquatic nuisance species
infested waters.

View Infested Waters


Screenshot of the interactive boat access map

Boat ramps, lake contour maps, stocking information, etc..

View Boating Maps

Choosing a Map Type

Suggestions for Selecting a Map Type
                                                                  Map Service Applications Mobile Apps Web and Data Services
  Interactive Service Applications Map Index ESRI ArcGIS Explorer Geospatial PDF (Avenza) ESRI REST Services (Hub) Data Services
For use with...  
     Mobile Device, Smartphone, Tablet X X X X    
     Desktop/laptop X X     X X
Can show your location on the map X   X X    
Requires an application downloaded from your mobile app store     X X    
Can be used in a browser (doesn't need specialized software) X X     X X
Will work without cellular service after maps have been downloaded to the device       X    
Has ability to print maps X X X      
Has ability to create your own customized maps X          
Has ability to collect waypoints X   X X    
GIS data resource for use with other mapping applications         X X