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Behind the Badge

Warden on a sea doo

A New Way to Work the Water

Sometimes a little innovation can go a long way towards improving your job. Read this week's Behind the Badge by warden Drew Johnson.

Back of trailered boat on a boat ramp

Remember to Put the Boat Plug Back In

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you forgot something...maybe something kind of important? Warden Mike Raasakka knows that feeling. Read his story in this week's Behind the Badge.

License on old style typewriter with "fake" written across it

The Blundering Poachers

Poachers often attempt to cover up their less than legal activities, sometimes even layering on additional crimes in the attempt. Add to that a little overconfident risk tolerance and you get…

Contact a Warden

Report All Poachers: 701-328-9921

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Annual Reports

Each February in the North Dakota Outdoors magazine, the Department publishes a summary of violations and enforcement activities for the preceding year. Those reports are available online below.

Game warden near boat

Enforcement Careers

A career as a game warden can be both challenging and highly rewarding. This career is ideal for many self-motivated individuals who enjoy working with the public and have a knowledge of and appreciation for natural resources.