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Behind the Badge

Wilson's snipe on post

The Illusive Snipe

Have you ever been on a snipe hunt? Some refer to a snipe hunt as a prank, but snipe hunting can be an enjoyable pastime. Learn more in this post from Warden Greg Hastings.

Small plane flying

The Chase

 Spotting “shiners” is relatively easy, catching them...sometimes not so much. Read Warden Phalen’s story in this week’s Behind the Badge.

Truck in field as seen from air

The Bird Dog

The solo hunter is only so effective, yet when paired with a good bird dog, the success rate for the team can be substantial. This holds true when hunting game and when looking for poachers. Read…

Contact a Warden

Report All Poachers: 701-328-9921

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Annual Reports

Each February in the North Dakota Outdoors magazine, the Department publishes a summary of violations and enforcement activities for the preceding year. Those reports are available online below.

Game warden near boat

Enforcement Careers

A career as a game warden can be both challenging and highly rewarding. This career is ideal for many self-motivated individuals who enjoy working with the public and have a knowledge of and appreciation for natural resources.