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2023 Statewide Open Water Fishing Preview

Fisheries Division Chief Greg Power tells us what we can look forward to during the 2023 open water fishing season in this North Dakota Outdoors.

NOTE: 2023-24 fishing licenses are required beginning April 1. Purchase online here

North Dakota Outdoors Weekly Show

2023 Fishing Preview - Southwest Fishing District

This is the sixth of our eight open water fishing previews for 2023. This preview covers the southwest fishing district.

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North Dakota Outdoors Podcast

Guests: Fisheries Division Chief Greg Power

In this episode of NDO Podcast Casey Anderson visits with Fisheries Division Chief Greg Power about ice fishing and what this year’s harsh winter is going to mean for fisheries going into the open water fishing season.

North Dakota Game and Fish Blogs

Behind the Badge

Public outreach. Game Wardens do it every day. But some groups are a tougher audience than others and require a bit more forethought to effectively address as warden Art Cox illustrates in this Behind the Badge.

The Drift