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Game Wardens Patrolling Devils Lake

Devils Lake is one of the busiest water bodies in our state and that's why North Dakota Game and Fish Department game wardens patrol it to make sure everyone is safe and following the letter of the law.

North Dakota Outdoors Weekly Show

ANS Watercraft Inspections

In this week's NDO Webcast, join ANS coordinator Ben Holen as he discusses some of the steps the Department is taking to help slow the spread of ANS in the state.

North Dakota Outdoors Podcast

Guests: n/a

In this episode of NDO Podcast Casey and Cayla talk R3, hunter and angler recruitment, retention and reactivation plus national and state trends, all while Cayla struggles to accurately recall expressions.

North Dakota Game and Fish Blogs

Behind the Badge

While time can seem to speed and slow, often simultaneously, the speed of change only ever seems to increase, often leaving one surprised at how different simple tasks are today from yesterday. In this Behind the Badge, take a look back at a few of these changes across the career of game warden Mark Pollert.

The Drift