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Fish in water being reeled in by angler

Aquatic Nuisance Species

Words: Clean - inspect all equipnent and remove ANS, Drain - all water, Dry - all equimpment before entering another waterbody

In the News

  • 2022 ANS Awareness Week
  • DYI Zebra Mussel Sampler: Help in the fight against ANS by creating this simple DYI sampler for your dock. Reporting any zebra mussels you find in the sampling device will help biologists track the spread of this invasive species in North Dakota.

Protect North Dakota Waters from Aquatic Nuisance Species

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Learn the rules and regulations.


Silver carp jumping from water

Discover what species are classified as Aquatic Nuisance Species.


Zebra mussel coating boat dock post

Report Aquatic Nuisance Species sightings.


North Dakota High Risk Waters

The following aquatic nuisance species are known to be in at least one water body within North Dakota: