Outdoor class


Classes and Workshops

  • Hunter Education
    • North Dakota hunter education requirements and classes information
    • - Enroll (direct link)
    • - Verify or Delete Enrollment (Note: If you are enrolled in a class and cannot attend, you must delete your enrollment, or you will lose the opportunity to enroll for a year.)
  • Archery Certification
    • Archery safety training classes (may be required if hunting in states that require formal archery training to bow hunt).
  • Fur Harvester Education
    • Training course covering trapping, predator calling, fur handling, etc. (may be required if trapping in a state that requires trapper education to trap).
  • Boating and Water Safety
    • Course for those new to boating or who wish to take a refresher. This course is required for youth ages 12-15 who want to operate a boat or personal watercraft with at least a 10 horsepower motor.
  • Educator Workshops
    • Teacher workshops including archery in the schools, habitats of North Dakota, birds of North Dakota and more.
  • Other Classes and Workshops
    • Various outdoor and educational classes that may be offered throughout the year.

Persons requiring special accommodations (i.e. physical accessibility to the building, signing, material reading), should contact the Department at 701-328-6300 to make arrangements for special accommodations.

Youth Opportunities

  • Youth Hunting Seasons
    • Deer, pheasant, waterfowl, spring turkey seasons.
  • Hooked on Fishing
    • Hooked on fishing is a statewide project primarily designed to deliver that first fishing experience. Kids learn beginning angling skills and about fishing equipment and the aquatic world.
  • Archery in the Schools Program
    • National Archery in the Schools Program is a two-week physical education program designed to teach the fundamentals of archery in grades 4-12.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Award Workbook
    • The Theodore Roosevelt Award is a recognition of those North Dakota youth that have highly developed outdoor skills and are actively involved in Girl Scouts of the USA, Boy Scouts of America, or 4-H.
  • Earth Day Patch Contest
    • Do you like to draw? Try creating a design for the Earth Day Patch contest! Find out how to enter here.
  • Keep North Dakota Clean Poster Contest
    • As a partner of Keep North Dakota Clean, Inc. the North Dakota Game and Fish Department sponsors the 4th grade level of the annual KNDC poster contest.
    • Hiking Bingo (pdf)
      • Play Hiking Bingo on your next hike. See if you can find frogs, milkweed, muskrats and more!
    • Survival Challenge (pdf)
      • Can you help the white-tailed deer find the habitat it needs to survive?
    • North Dakota State Fair
      • The North Dakota Game and Fish Department maintains a Conservation and Outdoor Skills Park at the North Dakota State Fair.
    • Bismarck Conservation Outdoors Skills Area
      • The Bismarck Conservation and Outdoor Skills Area is located adjacent to the Bismarck Game and Fish Headquarters on east Main Street and Expressway. This public site includes a fishing pond and interpretive trails to learn about wildlife and conservation as well as a shelter which can be used for outdoor educational programs or meetings.
    • Bismarck Family Fishing Pond
      • This pond at the North Dakota Game and Fish Headquarters office in Bismarck is the location for many fishing events and activities.

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