Deer with CWD

Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic wasting disease is a disease of deer, moose and elk that is always fatal and not treatable. It is a cause of decline in deer populations and once on a landscape, it remains indefinitely. For these reasons, CWD poses a major threat to North Dakota deer, elk and moose and the future of hunting these animals.

There is good news, however. Currently, CWD is only found in a limited portion of North Dakota and the disease is not widespread in these areas. This provides a unique opportunity where it is still possible to limit the impact of CWD and prevent its spread to new portions of the state. Doing so will require committed, diligent effort from all North Dakotans who value these big game animals. Through our cooperative dedication to the cause, we can protect these important species and North Dakota’s hunting heritage.

Note: A number of states have established regulations or recommendations on the transportation of hunter-killed deer, moose and elk. Out-of-state hunters should be familiar with the regulations in the state in which they hunt. For more information on transportation regulations and recommendations in other states, see the CWD Alliance Web site at