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Deer with CWD


  • Wildlife and Fish Diseases
    • People and pets are at risk for contracting some wildlife diseases. This section gives tips for preventing disease transfer to humans, describes how humans impact the spread of some wildlife diseases, and gives descriptions of common wildlife diseases found in North Dakota.
  • Chronic Wasting Disease
    • The threat of CWD is a serious concern to North Dakota and its natural resources. CWD affects the nervous system of members of the deer family and is always fatal. The effort to understand the disease is ongoing and requires the assistance of big game hunters throughout the nation.
  • Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease
    • EHD primarily affects white-tailed deer, and is most noticeable in western North Dakota when high whitetail populations combine with a hot and humid late summer and early fall.
  • Cyanobacteria (Blue-green Algae)
    • Cyanobacteria, sometimes called blue-green algae, are microscopic organisms that live in all types of water. These organisms can kill dogs that swim in impacted waters.