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Paddlefish Snagging Season

2024 Season Information

Dates: Snagging of paddlefish is legal May 1 through May 21 for those with a valid paddlefish tag. Paddlefish snagging is legal only from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Central Time) during each day of the paddlefish snagging season. Select days are set aside for harvest and release only.

Depending on overall harvest, an “in-season” closure may occur, with a 24-hour notice issued by the Game and Fish director. If this occurs, there will be no refunds for unused tags.

If there is an early closure, snag-and-release-only will still be allowed for a seven-day period immediately following the harvest closure, but not to extend beyond May 21.

Notice of an early closure and subsequent days set aside for snag-and-release-only will be announced by the Department. Once a snagger harvests a paddlefish, they can no longer snag for paddlefish at any subsequent time during the current season (including snag-and release-only and extended snag-and-release-only days).

Location: The open area includes the Yellowstone River in North Dakota, and the Missouri River west of the U.S. Highway 85 bridge to the Montana border, excluding that portion from the pipeline crossing (river mile 1,577) downstream to the upper end of the Lewis and Clark WMA (river mile 1,565).

Required tag and license: A paddlefish snagger must obtain and have in their possession a valid paddlefish tag, in addition to a valid fishing license that may be required.

Only one tag per snagger will be issued and the tag is not transferable to another individual.

Any paddlefish tag locked shut prior to attachment, altered or modified shall be voided and will not be replaced.

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Snagging Area Maps

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Species Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Species Information

Tagging Paddlefish

  • All harvested paddlefish must be tagged with the snaggers own tag.
  • The tag should be placed through the skin at the base of the dorsal fin and locked so that it cannot fall out.
  • If a fish is cut up, the tag must accompany the meat, with that portion of the back and dorsal fin necessary to maintain the tag as "sealed to the fish."

Paddlefish with tag