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Hunter using tracked wheelchair

Services for People with Disabilities


Tracked Wheelchair

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has a tracked wheelchair available at no charge for use at the Outdoor Wildlife Learning Center in Bismarck and at Department sponsored field events. When not in use by the Department, the wheelchair may be reserved by approved user groups for use offsite by participants of outdoor educational or hunting programs.

A waiver of liability must be signed by the wheelchair user or her/his legal guardian. For offsite use a waiver must also be signed by a legal representative of the organization responsible for the outdoor program or event at which the wheelchair is used.

Offsite Use Requirements

  • The tracked wheelchair may be reserved for offsite use for up to 72 hours.
  • The tracked wheelchair must be picked up by a representative of the organization responsible for the outdoor program or event at which it is being used.
  • An enclosed trailer is provided for transporting the wheelchair. Towing the trailer requires the towing vehicle have a 2-inch ball.
  • A short tutorial on how to run and load the wheelchair properly will be given upon pick up of the chair.
  • To reserve the use of the tracked wheelchair call 701-328-6615.
Tracked Wheelchair

Special Hunting Permits

Shooting from a Stationary Motor Vehicle

This permit (pdf) allows the permittee to shoot wildlife from a stationary motor vehicle on private land. A current hunting license is necessary in addition to (pdf) this permit.

You must have a licensed physician, certified physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, or licensed chiropractor certify that you are unable to walk for the purposes of hunting or taking wildlife or have lost the use of an arm at or below the elbow.

For more information on this permit, please contact the Department at 328-6335.

Crossbow Permit

This permit (pdf) allows the permittee to shoot nongame fish or hunt game using a crossbow in lieu of a compound, long, or recurve bow. A current fishing and/or hunting license is necessary in addition to the special crossbow permit (pdf). Permittees must be either blind, paraplegic or have lost the use of one or both arms. A licensed physician, certified nurse practitioner, certified physician assistant, or licensed chiropractor is required to confirm the applicant meets the eligibility requirements.

Accessible Fishing Facilities

Accessible fishing facilities can be found using the Where to Fish App which has an option to filter by accessible facilities.

Links to Outdoor Opportunities for People with Disabilities

This page provides links to outdoor opportunities for people with disabilities provided by different nonprofit organizations in North Dakota. If your nonprofit organization hosts an event(s) that you would like to see listed here, please contact the North Dakota Game and Fish Department at

Contacting the Department

If you have a hearing or voice impairment you can contact the Department via the North Dakota Relay Number, 1-800-366-6888, or you can email the Department at Game wardens may be reached directly via text message. Contact numbers for game wardens can be found either via the directory listing or via the map found here (Note: When viewing the map, simply click on the appropriate district to view the district warden's contact information.)