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Bill Status Hearing Date Summary House Vote Senate Vote
HB1017 Active

Appropriates $77,231,739 to the Game and Fish Department for the biennium beginning July 1, 2017, and ending June 30, 2019. Heard 1/10, amended to appropriate $83,260,364 for the biennium. Passed house.

HB1025 Active

Provides a guideline for the Director to allocate big game hunting licenses to eligible organizations. Passed house.

HB1077 Failed

Appropriates $83,569,734 to the Game and Fish Department for the biennium beginning July 1, 2017, and ending June 30, 2019. Failed house.

HB1150 Active

Would allow an individual who applies for a hunting license issued by lottery, and withdraws the application prior to the drawing, to receive a bonus point that would have been awarded if the individual would have remained in the lottery and been unsuccessful. The fee will be allocated to the PLOTS program. Passed house.

HB1170 Active

Replaces the term "property" with "animals, birds or fish" as items that must be turned over to the North Dakota wildlife federation to be sold for the highest price obtainable, with sale proceeds remitted to report all poachers fund. Heard 1/30, amended to remove the Game and Fish portion of this bill, which is sections 20.1 of the century code. Passed house.

HB1180 Failed

A law enforcement officer may not halt an operator of a vehicle solely to determine compliance, unless the officer has a reasonable suspicion to believe that there is a violation. This section does not apply to inspections and safety checkpoints for commercial motor vehicles. This would require Game and Fish to have reasonable suspicion for stops for violations of laws relating to wildlife. Amended to eliminate the Game and Fish portion of the bill that would require reasonable suspicion for stops relating to wildlife. Failed house.

HB1204 Active

Would reduce the age from 16 to 12, who does not possess a hunter safety education course certificate of completion, to qualify for an apprentice hunter validation license; would allow youth who turn age 11 before the end of the calendar year, and who has completed hunter education, to receive a whitetail doe license valid for only the youth hunting season (currently the youth has to turn age 12 before the end of the calendar year); would allow the Director to issue a permit for a person to take, kill, hunt, possess, sell, purchase, pursue, shoot at, disturb, capture or destroy any golden eagle, bald eagle or nest. Passed house.

HB1207 Active

Allows Game and Fish to seize tangible property presumed abandoned on state game refuges, real property leased or managed by the game and fish department, and state game or fish management areas. After 90 days, the director may dispose of seized, unclaimed, tangible property presumed abandoned, or order it be turned over to the North Dakota wildlife federation to be sold for the highest price obtainable. The sale proceeds, after the expenses of the seizure and the sale are deducted, must be remitted to the North Dakota wildlife federation report all poachers fund. A report of the sale, supported by proper vouchers covering all deductions made for expenses, must be filed for the record with the director. Passed house.

HB1268 Failed

Would allow Game and Fish to issue lifetime fishing licenses, and adopt rules necessary to determine eligibility and fees for the licenses. Failed house.

HB1281 Withdrawn

The North Dakota legislative assembly encourages Congress to pass federal legislation to return lands and mineral rights underlying Lake Oahe in North Dakota to the state of North Dakota as reimbursement for the costs borne by the state to ensure public safety in relation to protests against the placement of an oil pipeline under the Missouri River. Withdrawn from consideration.

HB1350 Failed

Would waive the nonresident landowner deer hunting license fee for retired veterans. Failed house.

HB1367 Active

Would not require an observer on a personal watercraft while towing an individual on water skis, a kneeboard or an inflatable craft if the personal watercraft is equipped with a mirror on each side that provides the operator an unobstructed field of vision to the rear; would allow an individual who is sixteen years of age or older to windsurf or boardsail without wearing a personal flotation device; would prohibit water skiing or surfboarding between one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. Passed house.

HB1377 Failed

Would allow an individual to use a mechanized vehicle, spotlight, or artificial light of any size or battery capacity to pursue, shoot, kill, take, or attempt to take a coyote. Failed house.

HB1396 Failed

The director may issue special elk depredation management licenses to landowners in designated areas between highway fourteen on the western border, highway forty - three on the southern border, highway three on the eastern border, and the Canadian border on the northern border, upon payment of the fee requirement for a resident big game license. Failed house.

HB1413 Failed

Would develop a system for hunting license lotteries which gives preference to applicants 70 years of age or older. Failed house.

HB1419 Active

Would require the director to establish a firearm safety program, which must be made available to elementary and secondary schools in the state. The funds appropriated under this section may be used to purchase firearm safety materials and provide grants to administer firearm safety courses in elementary and secondary schools. Heard 2/3, recommended 14-0 do-pass. Rereferred to appropriations. Appropriations amended for the bill to read "the director may establish a firearm safety program, which may be made available to elementary and secondary schools." Passed house.

SB2056 Failed

Would have allowed a hunter of at least 65 years of age to use a crossbow during any bow hunting season. Failed senate.

SB2155 Failed

Would have allowed an individual to use an airbow during any deer gun season. Failed senate.

SB2225 Failed

Would require an individual to receive permission from the landowner to hunt, trap or pursue game on private land. Currently permission must be received if the land is posted. Failed senate.

SB2226 Failed

An honorably discharged veteran who must obtain a certificate of completion for a hunter education course may obtain the certificate by completing four hours of online instruction on hunter safety approved by the director. Failed senate.

SB2227 Failed

A nonresident age 65 or older is entitled to purchase up to two nonresident waterfowl hunting licenses per year, with $100 of the fee for the nonresident's second license must be used for the private land open to sportsmen program. The second license would cost $150. Failed senate.

SB2228 Failed

The director shall issue six deer licenses and four spring wild turkey licenses to veterans residing in North Dakota who are selected by a nonprofit organization. Failed senate.

SB2239 Active

Except for a watercraft owned and operated by a guide, the director shall provide for annual inspection of all watercraft used for hire to determine if rules governing the watercraft have been complied with and may issue licenses to operate the watercraft. Passed senate.

SB2259 Active

Would allow a nonresident to buy a waterfowl license that is valid for three periods of four consecutive days. The fee for this license would be $200, and $50 must be used for the private land open to sportsmen program. Passed senate.

SB2282 Active

An individual over age 65 who receives a muzzleloader license to hunt deer may use a telescopic sight. Heard 2/2, amended for it not to exceed four-power magnification. Passed senate.

SB2284 Active

An agent who sells hunting and fishing licenses may charge up to 3 percent of the total license fee excluding the certificate fee. Currently an agent may charge a service fee of 50 cents for each license. Passed senate.

SB2308 Active

Would allow a fish house and a coyote snare to be identified by a registration number provided by the Game and Fish Department. Passed senate.

SB2318 Active

Would require the pheasant hunting season to open between the first Saturday of October and no later than October 12. Passed senate.