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White-tail deer

Wildlife and Fish Diseases

Wildlife/Fish to Human Disease Transfer and Prevention

Human Activities and Wildlife Disease

Zoonotic Diseases

(Diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people)

List of Zoonotic Diseases Found in North Dakota
Disease Wildlife Affected *Known to Infect Humans Known to Infect Pets
Black Spot Fish No No
Diphyllobothriasis Fish Yes Yes
Fish Roundworm Fish Yes Yes
Lymphocystis Fish No No
Sandy Flesh Fish No Yes
Avian Influenza Ducks, Geese, Birds Yes Yes
Sarcocystis Ducks, Geese, Birds No Yes
Tuberculosis Birds, Cattle, Bison, Cervids Yes Yes
Papillomas Cervids, Any Mammal No No
Rabies Bats, Any Mammal Yes Yes
Raccoon Roundworm Raccoons, Any Mammal Yes Yes
Ringworm Any Mammal Yes Yes
Sarcoptic Mange Canines, Any Mammal Yes Yes
Seroma Any Mammal No No
Hydatid Disease Canines, Cervids Yes Yes
Trichodectes Coyotes No Yes
Moose Measles Canines, Cervids, Bears, Mountain Lions, Bighorn Sheep No Yes
Anthrax Bison, Cervids Yes Yes
Chronic Wasting Disease Cervid Unknown Yes
Giant Liver Fluke Cervids, Moose, Elk No No
EHD Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Pronghorns No No
Leptospirosis Rodents, Raccoons, Deer, Beavers Yes Yes
Orf Bighorn Sheep, Goats Yes No
Plague Fleas, Rodents, Squirrels, Bobcats/Lynx, Mink/Martens, Prairie Dogs Yes Yes
Trichinosis Bears, Mountain Lions Yes Yes
Tularemia Ticks, Beavers, Muskrats, Hare Rabbits Yes Yes

*Because there is no evidence currently that a disease can infect humans is not a guarantee of safety. Always follow proper game handling and cooking procedures.

Printable Diseases of North Dakota Fish and Wildlife Brochure (pdf)