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Moose Measles

Looks Bad

Commonly infected wildlife

CervidCaninesBearsMountain LionBighorn Sheep

Is this animal infected?

  • Adult worms live and grow in the intestines of infected carnivores
  • Infected herbivores will have small white cysts, usually in muscle and connective tissue
  • Animal may have few or many cysts

Moose Measles

Can I get it?


  • The cysts contain juvenile worms that do NOT infect people

How bad can it get?


No risk to humans

Protect myself and others

  • The meat of infected animals can be eaten
  • Cysts can be trimmed out or killed by:
    • Normal cooking temperatures or freezing
  • Cysts can look unappetizing
    • Affected meat may be more acceptable if processed as ground meat

165 °F

0 °F

Symptoms in humans

  • None – people are not at risk

Safe for pets?


  • Cysts in fresh, unfrozen meat can infect pet dogs
  • Freeze meat to kill cysts
Not safe for pets

What causes it?

  • The tapeworm Taenia ovis krabbei