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Question Answer

Diseased animal

Can I still use the animal *Yes, just doesn't look nice
Commonly infected wildlife Birds
Is this animal infected
  • Affected birds have cream-colored cysts longer than they are wide in breast, heart and leg muscle
    • Cysts resemble rice grains and can be 1/4" long
    • Cysts feel gritty when cut with a knife
Can I get it No
How bad can it get

No risk

No known risk to humans
How can I protect myself and others
  • *Scientists recommend that people and pets do not eat heavily infected meat
  • Heavily-infected carcasses are unappetizing
  • Parasites can be killed by cooking
Symptoms in humans
  • No known risk to humans
Is it safe for pets
  • Not Raw
    • Carnivores shed eggs in their feces, which then become infectious to birds
    • Pets may play a role in transmission of sarcocystis to birds
What causes it
  • Protozoan parasite called Sarcocystis rileyi
  • Sarcocystis is found around the world in many types of animals, including deer, moose, elk and domestic livestock