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Giant Liver Fluke

Giant Liver Fluke

Diseased animal

Can I still use the animal Yes - just doesn't look nice
Commonly infected wildlife Deer, Moose, Elk
Is this animal infected
  • Animals rarely show external signs
  • Livers may by swollen and lumpy (see photo)
  • Purple-gray, flat, oval-shaped worms (fluke) may be seen in the liver
  • Worms vary in size from 1/2"-1-1/4" wide and 1-1/4"-3-1/4" long (some reports claim up to 4 inches long)
Can I get it
  • Liver flukes do NOT affect the meat
How bad can it get

No risk

No risk to humans

How can I protect myself and others
  • The meat of infected animals can be eaten, BUT
    • Discard infected liver
    • Infected liver is unappetizing
Symptoms in humans
  • None – people are not at risk
Is it safe for pets Yes
What causes it
  • A flatworm (fluke) called Fascioloides magna