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Water-borne Disease


  • Water (especially from streams, rivers, ponds and lakes) can contain harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • You may become ill after drinking water from these sources


  • Beaver Fever (Giardiasis)
  • Cryptosporidiosis

How can I get sick?

  • Drinking water contaminated with animal or human feces

How can I protect myself?

  • Bring safe or bottled wa
  • Boil all stream, river and lake water at a rolling boil for at least 10 minutes before using for:
    • Drinking
    • Preparing food
    • Brushing your teeth
  • Avoid swallowing water when swimming in streams, rivers and lakes
  • Protect water sources: – Bury waste far away from any water

Beware: Chemical disinfection and filters may not kill all bacteria, viruses or parasites

Not feeling well?

  • Recognize common symptoms of waterborne disease:
    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea
    • Fatigue
    • Chills
  • If you develop symptoms:
    • Drink plenty of safe water
    • Use oral rehydration salts
    • Contact your doctor as soon as possible
    • Tell your doctor that you may have swallowed contaminated water

Beware: Some water-borne diseases can be transmitted from person to person