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Collection Site

Chronic Wasting Disease - Surveillance and Collection Sites

Collection Sites

Several drop-off sites for deer, moose and elk testing are available across the state pior to the deer gun season. Many additional sites are available during the deer gun season.

Test Results

Test results can be expected within 4 weeks. When your results are available, you will receive a message in your Game and Fish account inbox.

CWD Sampling Kit

Sampling kit parts

If you wish to keep your deer's head or are unable to take it to a drop-off site, you can mail in a sample for testing.

Order Sampling Kit

Drop-Off Instructions

Fawns and head-shot animals cannot be tested. If you are unsure of the age or condition of your animal, submit it and we will assess it.

  • Remove head from carcass, leaving 4-6 inches of neck attached to the head.
    • Remove antlers if you wish to keep them.
    • The North Dakota Game and Fish carcass tag must stay with the meat.
  • Ensure that North Dakota Game and Fish Department license tag is still attached to head or affix new, filled-out ID tag (available at site). UNLABELED HEADS CANNOT BE SAMPLED.
  • Place tagged/labeled head in barrel.

Taxidermy Heads: After the cape and antlers are removed, affix new ID tag to the remainder of the skull and place in barrel.

European Mount Heads: Take the head to a North Dakota Game and Fish district office to be sampled.

Note: Transportation restrictions are in effect in many units. High risk carcass parts may not be transported out of these units for any reason. If hunting in a unit with a transportation restriction, a collection site located within the restricted area must be used. For questions or concerns call 701-204-2161.

Freezer Sites

For sites with collection freezers, follow the instructions above then..

  • Place tagged/labeled head in plastic bag (inside freezer) and knot.
  • Place bag in freezer.
  • Text or call 701-204-2161 to notify us that you have dropped off a head.
    • Be sure to include the drop off location.

Testing Elk, Moose, and Deer Prior to Deer Gun Season

During the elk, moose and deer bow seasons, heads may be dropped off at one of the locations listed below. During and after the deer gun season, deer and elk heads may be dropped off at any of the deer gun season collection sites.

  • Belfield North Dakota Department of Transportation Shop; 898 8th St NE (map)
  • Bismarck North Dakota Game and Fish Department Wildlife Health Lab; 3001 East Main Ave
  • Devils Lake North Dakota Game and Fish Department District Office; 7928 45th St NE
  • Dickinson North Dakota Game and Fish Department District Office; 225 30th Ave SW
  • Fargo North Dakota Veterinary Diagnostic Lab; 4035 19th Ave N
  • Fort Yates Prairie Knights Quik Mart; 7932 ND-24 (map)
  • Lonetree North Dakota Game and Fish Department District Office; 1851 23rd Ave. NE
  • Jamestown North Dakota Game and Fish Department District Office; 3320 E. Lakeside Road
  • Kenmare Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge; 42000 520th St NW
  • Killdeer Dunn County Shop; 300 Central Ave S (map)
  • Minot State Fairgrounds; 2005 E Burdick Expy (map)
  • Riverdale North Dakota Game and Fish Department District Office; 406 Dakota Ave.
  • Watford City McKenzie Ranger District Office; 1905 S. Main Street
  • Williston North Dakota Game and Fish Department District Office; 5303 Front St. W

Sampling kits are available for those who wish to have their animal tested but are unable to drop the head off at a collection site. The kits allow you to remove the lymph nodes yourself and ship them to the Department's Wildlife Health Lab for testing. Request a kit.

Note: A carcass or carcass parts of a white-tailed deer or mule deer taken from deer hunting units 3A1, 3A2, 3B1, 3C, 3D1, 3E2, 3F2, 4B and 4C in North Dakota; a moose from moose hunting units M10 and M11; or an elk from elk hunting units E2 and E6; may not be transported to a collection site outside of the unit. Exceptions: deer carcasses may be transported between adjoining CWD carcass restricted units, and moose carcasses between units M10 and M11.)

Drop-off freezer


If you wish to keep the head, you may also bring it to one of the Game and Fish Department offices to be sampled during business hours. Note: Transportation restrictions still apply.

Sites that are not staffed during business hours will have freezers available where heads can be dropped off. Drop-off instructions can be found above and on each freezer.

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