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Silver Carp from Jamestown dam tailrace

Silver Carp

Fact Sheet
Scientific Name (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)
Classification and Permitting Level 3 - Listed Aquatic Nuisance Species
Species Description Silver carp is a large-bodied (up to 51 inches and 77 pounds) invasive fish with downward-facing eyes and a relatively large, upturned mouth. It is very similar in appearance to the invasive bighead carp and young silver carp can be confused with native gizzard shad.
Preferred Habitat It is typically found in the upper water layer in large rivers. When disturbed, this species can leap up to 10 feet out of the water.
Reason for ANS Designation This fish may compete with native fish, invertebrates, and mussels by filter-feeding on microscopic plants and animals from the water. Once established, there is no good control method.
Place of Origin Silver carp is native to eastern Asia but was introduced to the United States in 1973 for aquaculture use. Aside from swimming upstream, bait movements are thought to contribute to new introductions of this species.
Stopping the Spread Never release unused bait back into a waterbody, and do not attempt to stock a new species into a waterbody. Besides usually being illegal, new introductions of fish species may disrupt the current ecosystem.
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Silver Carp
Silver Carp Jumping