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Flowering Rush with roots

Flowering Rush

Fact Sheet

Scientific Name

(Butomus umbellatus)

Classification and Permitting Level

2 - Regulated Aquatic Nuisance Species

Species Description

Flowering rush is an invasive plant that is commonly used in water gardens. It has triangular-shaped leaves that twist near the tip, flowers that grow in groups of 20-50, form an umbrella-like structure and have three pink petals, three sepals and nine stamens per flower.

Preferred Habitat

It is typically found along the shoreline but can become established in water deeper than 3 meters.

Reason for ANS Designation

This plant is considered an aquatic nuisances species because it can grow quickly, out compete native vegetation, impeed recreational activity and restrict water flow.

Place of Origin

Flowering rush is native to Eurasia, Asia and Africa, but was introduced to the United States in the late 1800s.

Stopping the Spread

When gardening, choose native plant options. Avoid aquatic gardens next to lakes, rivers and streams.

Additional Information

USGS Fact Sheet

Flowering Rush - 2 Flowering Rush - 3 Flowering Rush - 1