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Behind the Badge

Drawing of a raccoon (left) and badger (right)

How do you know?

Many city homeowners have little experience with wildlife, so when a call comes in about a worrisome critter in the yard, it is best to proceed with a little skepticism, as this Behind the Badge by Warden Courtney Sprenger shows.

Drawing of deer and tree at night

A Deer Season of Firsts

For hunters, sometimes the greatest rewards are found not in the hunt itself, but rather in passing on their skills and love of hunting to a new generation. Read one story in this Behind the Badge by Warden Erik Schmidt.

Antlers in snow

With a Little Luck

Making a case is always based on hard work, but often it also requires a little luck. Read one such story by Warden Shawn Sperling.

Illustration of person walking in snow

An Injudicious Walkabout

When venturing into the outdoors, it is wise to keep in mind that nature is an unforgiving force, as one man discovered in this week’s Behind the Badge by Warden Mike Sedlacek.

Drawing of compass

Safety in Numbers and Knowing Your Location

Being able to pinpoint your own location while in the field can be critically important as evidenced in this post by Warden Sam Feldmann.

Very angry badger in live trap in back of a truck

That Ain't No Cat

Normally, encouraging an uninvited guest to decamp does not require calling your local game warden, but sometimes…


Finding the Good

Every career comes with its advantages and drawbacks. Learn about some of the everyday rewards that come with being a Game Warden in this Behind the Badge with Warden Jerad Bluem.

White-tailed buck

Deciding to Make the Call

Have you ever observed someone you think might be committing a hunting or fishing violation? What is the best course of action in such a situation? Find out in this week’s Behind the Badge with Warden Corey Erck.

Mallard Wing

The Lighter Side of the Wildlife Box

Public outreach. Game Wardens do it every day. But some groups are a tougher audience than others and require a bit more forethought to effectively address as warden Art Cox illustrates in this Behind the Badge.

Old plastic bottle on the ground

Ice Fishing Litter

One of the most common violations wardens see is one that seems to be a problem no matter what the time of year: littering. Learn more in this week's Behind the Badge.
Sunset over a wetland

How I became a North Dakota Game Warden

In this Behind the Badge, Game Warden Paige Swanson takes us on her journey to becoming a game warden.

Drawing of car with driver smoking and bees following

Tall Tales and Knuckleheaded Miscreants

Sometimes when on patrol, game wardens encounter some rather farcical situations. Read this week’s Behind the Badge for a few examples from game warden Keenan Snyder.


Other Duties as Assigned (Ep. 2)

Giving credit where credit is due is a value most learn early in life, but sometimes that lesson requires a little reinforcement…

Line drawing of Santa Claus in a bathtub

Santa Claus in a Bathtub

A game warden just never knows what they'll encounter on any given call and of all the possibilities, Santa Clause in a bathtub just doesn't make the list...until he does...

Drayton Dam

Stories from Drayton Dam

The end of an era and beginning of a new one - Stories from Drayton Dam.

Wilson's snipe on post

The Illusive Snipe

Have you ever been on a snipe hunt? Some refer to a snipe hunt as a prank, but snipe hunting can be an enjoyable pastime. Learn more in this post from Warden Greg Hastings.

Small plane flying

The Chase

 Spotting “shiners” is relatively easy, catching them...sometimes not so much. Read Warden Phalen’s story in this week’s Behind the Badge.

Truck in field as seen from air

The Bird Dog

The solo hunter is only so effective, yet when paired with a good bird dog, the success rate for the team can be substantial. This holds true when hunting game and when looking for poachers. Read Warden Pilot Jeffery Sieger story in this Behind the Badge.

Outside of RAP trailer

Other Duties as Assigned

The job of a game warden is multifaceted, pulling heavily on skills common to other careers such as communications and education. Learn more in this Behind the Badge with Warden Michael Sedlacek.


My Path to Becoming a Game Warden in North Dakota

From Iowa to North Dakota, one game warden’s journey.

Child in boat with lifejacket on doing a "thumbs-up" sign

The Mind of a Child

When teaching kids, it is easy to wonder just how much of what you say sticks in their minds, and sometimes you can be happily surprised by just what they do retain. Read one warden’s experience in this week’s Behind the Badge.

Drawing of walleye in a chest freezer in the back of a truck

A Quirk of Fate

Sometimes when a RAP call comes in the case is solved and perpetrators held to account quickly. Sometimes it takes time and a little luck to solve a case. Read one warden’s story in this week’s Behind the Badge.

Buck in a Buick trunk

Buck in a Buick

So is it possible to hide an adult deer in the trunk of a Buick? Lamentably, one less than principled fellow decided to find out. Read the story in this Behind the Badge with Warden Jon Peterson.

Drawing of moose head

The Ride-Along

When a neighbor asked for a ride-along with Warden Corey Erck, Erck was concerned the ride might be boring. It wasn't. Read the story in this week's Behind the Badge.

Silhouette drawing of hunter and dog in the field

Be Prepared when Hunting with Dogs

Taking some simple precautions when hunting with a dog can make the difference between a satisfying hunt and a regrettable one. Learn more in this Behind the Badge with Game Warden Josh Hedstrom.

Drawing of hunting shack at night with moon in sky

Not Your 8 to 5 Job

For many working regular hours is desirable. But others, like our game wardens, prefer a little more variety in their lives as is evidenced by this post from Game Warden Corey Erck.

Drawing of man in boat with mirror image on one side

Double Trippers

Some people just don't think that game and fish laws apply to them, as Warden Michael Raasakka shows in this Behind the Badge.

Kid shorefishing

Learning to Fish

While enforcement is a large part of a game warden's job, sometimes it is the side duties that have the most impact. Learn more in this Behind the Badge by Game Warden Zane Manhart.