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Mobile Map Apps

"Mobile Apps" are native applications that are downloaded and installed on a mobile device. You can find many different mapping apps in the Android and Apple stores. Two common apps used by hunters and anglers are described below.

Both options below will work with a smartphone's GPS to locate the phone's current position on a map.

Does not require cell service to work in the field if maps are downloaded prior

Graphic depicting Avenza map on smartphone

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ArcGIS Explorer
Requires cell service to work in the field

Graphic depicting ESRI map on smartphone

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Choosing the Right App for You

Map Viewers Compared
  Avenza ArcGIS Explorer
Cost Free and paid versions Free
Cell Service Requirements Can be used in areas with no cell service. (NOTE: Maps must be downloaded to the phone prior to entering an area with no service.) Requires cell service.
GPS GPS will work in areas without cell service provided maps were downloaded prior to entering the no-service area. Requires cell service for maps.
Map Updates Fishing and boating map updates are available immediately upon being posted to the Department's website. There may be a time lag between the posting of map updates on the Department website and posting to ArcGIS.
Limitations The free version limits users to 3 maps. After adding 3 maps, 1 map must be deleted before adding a new map. Free - Includes the entire state and all available map data.
Features Limited Extensive - Including ability to change base maps, data layers, etc.
Notes Works with any geospatial pdf map including maps downloaded directly from the Department website. n/a
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